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During our research

I discovered that a failed state is one that has become ungovernable, with the leadership losing control of its activities (Balák 56). The preceding scenario frequently results in chaos and a condition known as anarchy. It is important to note that based on the goals of this study, which is to provide genuine recommendations for a failed state, and taking into account certain distinctive elements of the country, such as diversified culture, inter-tribal conflicts, an abundance of natural resources, and no history of democracy. Some factors will be required to attain a stable society, limited conflicts, the development a democratic government, and building a viable economy for this failed state.

Faced with the situation as discussed above

There are some solutions that I will like to recommend to correct the current anomaly faced by this nation. First I will begin by developing a national reorientation process with the aim of informing the members of this state as to the importance of a stable government, most especially a democratically elected government. I will emphasize the benefit of being able to elect the leaders based on the concept of popular support. Having provided the above orientation; the next step will be the recommendation of the system of government and my choice for the nation of will the adoption of the presidential system of government. The selection of the form of government is based on the benefits it offers to countries with diverse cultural heritage. The system of government ensures that the head of the executive arm of government is in charge of the management of the affairs of the nation. However, the form of government adopts levels of checks and balances to ensure that excessive power is not retained the leadership of the various arms of government. The structure of government is also suitable for this nation because it offers the possibility of the election of the president by all the citizen of the country. The candidate with the highest number of votes is declared the winner hence all citizens of the states are likely to accept the authority of their leader based on the election results, (Ahmad 45)

The nation under review is currently in a state of anarchy

Based on past incidences of conflicts and wars. Hence, it is apparent that such a country is likely to have limited or entirely lack of economic growth. Some steps will turn around the economic fortunes of this nation. First, the government must begin by identifying its essential national resources; this provides an avenue of determining tradable resource in a bid to earn foreign exchanges. Having defined such resources, the nation should ensure the development and refining of these resources to meet international standard, and as such it will begin to earn foreign exchange income. Such income will be invested in national human resource development and infrastructural development. In a bid to attain economic growth, the nation should also focus on the training and education of its citizens. The country could sponsor some of its citizens to other countries to learn new technological innovations that drive the economies of these nations and be ready to implement of such ideas upon their return. The adoption of the above steps will begin the economic development of this nation, and in some years down the line, the county will have a stable and growing economy, (Bove and Leandro 56).

There is need note that a nation coming out of the form of crisis should also seek to develop types of favorable international relations with other prosperous countries of the world.

This type of relationships will ensure rapid transfer of knowledge and foster cooperation with tremendous benefits such as grants, (Jørgensen 77). There is need also to mention that there couple of steps that should be adopted by the nation in a bid to resolve its ethnic conflict. The country should first begin by setting up an unbiased panel of inquiry with the aim of finding out the actual causes of its disputes. The above steps will provide an avenue of adoption the most suitable means of resolving such disputes. All the concerns raised by different groups should be well addressed without any form of preferential treatment of one party over the other. The last step toward the attainment a permanent resolution of the conflict is by ensuring that factors such as negotiation, deliberation, and dialogue are always in place to prevent the recurrence of such conflicts in future, (Kelman 155)

In conclusion

The development of a failed state is a possibility, and there are a couple of examples of such nations in our today’s contemporary society. However, irrespective of the bad economic and political situation of such states, specific steps could be adopted to rectify these adverse situations and restore order; such step includes the resolution of conflict, stimulating economic growth, the adoption of positive international relations and the development of an adequate political system.

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