Workplace Dating situation and Why it is an Ethical Problem

Office Dating and Its Implications

Office dating is on the rise these days, and most employees appear to see no problem with being involved in such relationships. Given the length of time spent at work, some employees claim that workplace dating is natural. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, over two out of every five employees in the United States have dated someone from their workplace (Raso 53). Exploring the typical dating world might be difficult at times. It becomes more challenging for those who collaborate.

The Challenges of Workplace Dating

Office dating is the root of many workplace difficulties since it impairs workplace judgment. For instance, if the dating partners share an office, a significant problem can erupt, especially if the romantic relationship skews the management of that office. Fellow employees may develop the feeling of being locked out of the decision-making process. Besides, whenever the romantic relationship between the workmates gets sore, the operation of the company becomes so difficult for other employees. Workplace dating, therefore, causes operational conflicts in the workplace, thus creating ethical challenges in the context of discipline and decision-making (Raso 55).

Ethical Challenges of Workplace Romance

Sometimes, office romance can develop between individuals who are both married to others. Such a workplace romance can cause an ethical challenge, especially if one of the persons involved has some job function authority over the other. Besides, such a situation is always a step above predatory behavior and sexual harassment in the workplace. The consensual relationship in the workplace also creates a broad range of ethical issues. Employees always get disturbed by office relationships, and in most cases, workplace dating can wreak havoc on the morale of an employee (Raso 56). Workplace dating is, therefore, an ethical quagmire that has to be addressed extensively.

Solution to the Workplace Dating Problem

Whether unwritten or written, organizations and businesses should have some policies and rules regarding workplace relationships to provide direction for employees as they dedicate their energy and time to various projects. Such policies may also be helpful in shaping the relationship between the manager and the subordinates, as well as setting boundaries with activities of romance on the job. Embracing the creation and implementation of various workplace dating rules and policies stand as the most effective way of controlling and eliminating ethical issues resulting from workplace romance. That is because such rules and policies would guide workplace daters on how to observe job ethics, as well as allow them to reputation and professionalism in the office.

Establishing Clear Boundaries and Communication

Employees in the same workplace will always interact, and such workplace romances will probably take place. However, it is essential for companies to have clear rules and policies that describe what is acceptable and what is unacceptable so that there exist no perceptions of favoritism, inequality, or power imbalance among the employees. Clear communication regarding personal relationships among workmates remains vital regardless of the industry or culture of a given company. Effective rules and policies will, therefore, sensitize the employees on where the boundaries are to prevent personal time activities from distracting or acting as a source of conflict in the work environment.

Steps to Implement the Solution

Implementing the solution of creating rules and policies that control and guide workplace dating would first require reviewing the existing company's policy. That is because workplace dating policies vary, and the employees engaging in workplace romance have an ethical responsibility to review the employer's rules and regulations carefully. Additionally, the company must include in its policies the various legal steps to take against senior employees who provide special treatments to co-workers as a result of workplace dating.

The company should also create policies that ensure immediate reporting of workplace dating between a manager and subordinate staff. Such a strict policy should also have a provision for immediate termination of the involved employees. Besides, the policy should ensure that employees keep affection displays at an absolute bare minimum at the workplace and present themselves in a professional manner irrespective of the setting.

Most importantly, the company should institute workplace dating agreements or "love contracts" which would compel the dating individuals to sign an agreement that affirms that the employees are aware of the company's policies on workplace ethics and that they understand the repercussions of the failure to comply with such policies. Such contracts would be helpful in reducing sexual harassment and perceptions of favoritism in workplaces, as well as creating a platform for discussing professional workplace behavior. However, before adopting workplace dating agreements, employers should first consider their impacts on the organization and the employees.

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