Why people become organ donors?

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My classmates are my target audience.
My general aim is to educate the audience about the need for donations of human organs.
My specific aim is to encourage the audience to register as organ donors and to volunteer.
Greeting the audience (introduction to the teacher and offering gratitude.
Grab the audience’s attention by offering a story touching on their lives about the lack of organ donation and making it easier for them to imagine if they were faced with a similar problem. Delivering my credibility by informing the audience that I have conducted thorough research on the topic and my interest in the topic is delivered by the need save life, foster responsibility, and promote human dignity.

Stating my thesis statement (why humans should volunteer to donate organs).

Previewing my main points

The current problem/need

The solution

The corrective action

Discussion of the need/ the problem of organ shortage

Transition to the body of the speech (the answer to the problem)



Discussion of the solution to the identified problem (people to become actively involved in organ donation).

Delivery of statistics ( the percentage of people in the waiting list of organ transparent, people who die from shortage of organs, the number of lives an individual can save by donating of organs.

The exact solution to the problem.

Transition to the visualization element (asking a question on how the future will be like if no immediate action is undertaken)


A short narrative involving audience by asking them to imagine they are in a similar situation at one point in time (fear appeal).

Delivery of statistics on the problem

Outline of negative and positive visualization (physical, and psychological appeal)

Transition: (which is the immediate action?)



Summary of the main points (the need/problem, the solution, the action)

Outlining the specific actions (registering and volunteering to be organ donors)

Assuring and outlining personal commitment to the action

Restating the thesis statement


Thanking the audience

Allowing time for questions

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