The Yes Men in Bhopal

Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno faux identities which make them appear as though they are spokespersons and influential people to distinguished organizations. In aid of their new identities, they unmask the atrocities that governmental and corporate organizations commit.
The Yes Men give an explanation for to journalists how they got involved with the hoax that involved the Bhopal Crisis. They made a declare to be behind the sponsoring, publicity and the encouragement behind the actions which made it handy to identify the corporate misdeeds that were going on as a result of the activities of the company. To obtain interest from the vast majority, they made fake websites that have been inclusive of George W. Bush. The disaster site in Bhopal wasn't known to most of the citizens of the United States of America. They were only aware of the situation after the environmental activists gave them the urge to partner with them in creating anticorporate activism websites.

The Dow Company made the stern promise to compensate the Bhopal victims for the suffering they had undergone due to the activities of the company. The spokesperson for the Dow Company made it clear that the company would allocate $12 billion as compensation for the victims. However, for most people including the activists, they felt that if the company had been responsible at an earlier stage, the issue would not have been as it was by then.

In the midst of the activist struggle, someone who seemingly knew nothing about the Yes Men mentioned their subversive activities.

In carrying out militant activities, education is a vital role they intend to play rather than the hard-core activism. The hard-core activism is made to thrive by people who change the laws, fight with their mind and bodies and do all manner of research to equip the people in their struggle.

Impersonating Utopia and Dystopia

During the Bhopal disaster, the spokesperson for Dow Company made an announcement that most people found hard to believe. Since the catastrophe was the leading cause of the death of approximately twenty-one thousand people and also made hundreds of thousands more people sick, the company made a quotation of $12billion as a compensatory fee for the people.

However, the main point of controversy was that the alleged spokesperson was not a spokesman for the Dow Company but a member of the Yes Men. According to Jude Finisterra, he was shading light on what the company ought to be doing.

The exclusive with Finisterra is a visible indication of the tenuous relationship between free-market capitalism and corporate responsibility. Also, the hoax that the Yes Men brought was a perfect illustration of the critical limitations the unregulated free-market system was having on corporate social responsibilities.

The bold step that Finisterra took on behalf of the Yes Men to subvert the live BBC broadcast was tactic to cover a vast audience.

In covering mass audience through the BBC hoax, the bar for jamming culture and interventionist art got a serious raise.

The tactic that the Yes Men took to employ was that of ad-busting. One of them made the decision to pose as a designer or artist in a fake logo or advertisement and subvert the original message of the advert.

Adbusters get the drive and motifs indirectly or directly from the Situationist International (SI) movement which provides fake reality of what should be done in particular situations.

The SI movement is among the many environmental justice and the anti-globalization movements that give people a sigh of relief in urgent cases.

The Yes Men are playing a bigger part by driving attention from a global warming environmental disaster to a fight towards the governmental and corporate leaders.

The primary goal of the Yes men is to get a fair and square arrest for being part of the civil disobedience. The feel that it is an excellent way to get attention across the critical happenings.

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