The Role of Social Media in Political Communication

The nuclear negotiation report between the American President Donald Trump and the Korean Prime Minister Kim Jing is considered a political communication because both the theme and the intention of the communication are political. In most cases, the media has been a key factor in conveying political news to the people as addressed by political parties and government. However, the intention of the news has to be understood because it may be fueled with political theories like propaganda, mediatization theory or even the framing theory. For this case, the communication is based on the public sphere and the media logic theories.

Political Communication

According to McNair (2017), political communication is a purposeful communication about politics. President trump’s negotiation report with the North Korean president therefore qualifies to be a political communication. According to Green (2017), the communication was made by both the president himself on his twitter account on October 7, 2017 and the CNN television on October 8, 2017 In this communication, social media and the television media have become the actors of the message passed. As stated by the media logic theory (Rice " Atkin, 2012), the president intended to use the media to give his stand on the negotiations and to send political fear on his counterpart, the Korean prime minister. Social media has become the most famous medium of communication. As a result, gathering masses especially the youths is easier with the media (Cox, 2012). It also makes the disseminator to identify mostly with the young audience and the social media addicts.

In addition, the communication herein as disseminated by CNN fits very well in the public sphere theory. The television made the communication to mobilize the masses to take a position on the president’s stand (Cox, 2012). According to their report, the president indicated in his tweet that only one thing would work for the negotiation. It was therefore, debatable whether the president was right or wrong in making such a communication. It sought the public opinion on the political topic as communicated by the president (Howard " Parks, 2012). Besides, the media offered disseminating point far from the interpersonal one that was implemented by the president himself-the twitter.


The paper has looked at the social media and electronic media as a disseminating media for political communication. One important impact created by these media is to rally the masses and seek their political views on the message passed. It is also found to suite the media logic theory and the public sphere theory.


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