The Province of Ontario amending its Highway Traffic Act (HTA)

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA)

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) was amended in the province of Ontario to provide municipalities and police agencies with an extra tool for traffic management. (Gutoskie, 2001).

Establishment of Community Safety Zones

On June 26, 1998, the Ontario legislature enacted a law known as Act 26 that established Community Safety Zones as a means of promoting public safety. (Gutoskie, 2001).

Criteria for Community Safety Zones

Roadway segments known as "Community Safety Zones" prioritize public protection. (Koch & Howard, 2003). Roadways near daycare facilities, schools, hospitals, senior citizen housing, parks, playgrounds, as well as various community places where collisions are likely to occur, are included in Ontario's Community Safety Zones. (Gulli, 2000; Gutoskie, 2001; Koch & Howard, 2003). The purpose of having Community Safety Zones is to give the motorists an indication that they are within an area or zone with increased fines as provided for in the Highway Traffic Act (Gulli, 2000; Gutoskie, 2001; Koch & Howard, 2003). Under the Act, the set fines for offenses relating to speeding and traffic signal are doubled in Community Safety Zones (Gutoskie, 2001; Koch & Howard, 2003).

Effectiveness of Community Safety Zones

The Community Safety Zones form an effective way of reducing pedestrian accidents. That is because the set hefty fines compel the motorists to observe the set traffic rules in such zones strictly. For example, with few exceptions, every motorist, who commits an offense by violating the Community Safety Zones provisions of the Highway Traffic Act, is, on conviction, liable to a fine not lower than twice the usual fine (Gulli, 2000; Gutoskie, 2001; Koch & Howard, 2003). Such violations may include careless driving, speeding, and disobeying stop signs and signals, among others (Gutoskie, 2001).


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