“The Devil is a Busy Man.”

The primary goal of this answer is to demonstrate how one should concentrate on different instances of literary structure in the passage “The Devil is a Busy Man.” The answer would also show how literary vocabulary is used to form the concepts used in the reading as well as the kind of America that the author imagined when writing. David Foster Wallace seeks to inspire Americans who are obsessed with upholding the façade of honesty in a brief reading from “The Devil is a Busy Guy.” It also teaches Americans to be responsible, particularly when the author discusses the use of capital. The author says that “I realized the money “uses” by them (Wallace and David 8).” The author uses the word “Uses” to demonstrate irony which is the desire that appears sincere in the community. It also describes a tragic root of the extensive dishonesty in the country. The writer also uses the term “unselfish” to express the corruption of people in the country. Unselfishness did not want people to realize their responsibility in the society.

The narrator is also keen about the perception of some of the nice things that people did for others and also comments on them. He says that “Not only was I the person who had done such a generous, “Nice thing” but also, that was so “nice” (Wallace and David 6). By this, the writer meant that he was kind to the people. This literary language shapes the idea from the passage by helping the Americans to learn from the virtue on how to be kind and courteous to other in times of trouble and in times of need to that people can feel like part of the country (Wallace and David 9). The Americans can achieve this by avoiding racism, ethnicity and being helpful to the poor people. The idea of being nice from the passage can also help people to learn to express their emotions especially when one is angry or happy with the action of the other person. In this case, the author does not have any concern with being a kind individual instead he wants to be perceived as a nice person. It is necessary to be regarded as a good person in the society.

From this reading, the narrator wants the reader to imagine an American society that is free from racism. In this case, the narrator wants people to love each other by being friendly honest to each other. The author also wants people to outweigh the design of being selfish and remain ultimately responsible in all that they do. The narrator uses Figurative language to demonstrate human experience in regards to their desire for their appreciation (Wallace and David 8). The author uses figurative language in explaining what people are mainly interested in their day to day life. The narrator figuratively says that “With the benefit in the money’s uses by them, could fool no one about its implying of me as ultimately responsible (Wallace and David 7).” By this, the narrator means that it is necessary to be careful in what one does. One should be careful in doing something and know the afterward effect of something especially if it a bad thing. For instance, one needs to figure out the outcome of generosity especially after helping a lonely individual who is starving and does not have something to eat. An American society where people are racists and do not love the people of the other color, no individual will be responsible for the other. In a racist community, also people do not assist each other when one is in need. The author, therefore, tries to encourage the American people to love each other and to live in a society where they care about the welfare of every individual.

Works Cited

Wallace, David Foster. The David Foster Wallace Reader. Little, Brown, 2014.

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