Technical report for the Michigan Airport System

This essay analyzes and critiques a white paper that explores "Aviation." An analysis of the paper that starts with the introduction reveals that the author did a good job of introducing the concerns the document tended to highlight to the target audience. For instance, the audience is introduced right away by being told that the paper is a report showcasing the Michigan Department of Transportation plan for the anticipated development from 2005 to 2030. As a result, a technical report for the Michigan Airport System has been created, which includes an outline of the plan's scope and the system's current state. Additionally, the introduction prepares the audience to be informed of the goals of the Michigan Airport System and the financial status regarding maintenance and improvements all drawn from the previous report thus functioning as an update (The Michigan Department of Transportation, 2012).

Background Information

In the presentation of the white paper, the author made sure to let the audience grasp necessary information in regards to the Michigan Airports system. In so doing the audience is able to relate to the subject of discussion with ease. In particular, the audience is taken back in time and made aware of the 2005 report which established facts including the Michigan Airport System remaining stable both in the capacity as well as the condition (The Michigan Department of Transportation, 2012). Nevertheless, the audience gets to know that ever since the number of airports in the system as well as the services offered has too remained unchanged. Following sustainability, the audience gets to deduce that the system of airports is a significant part of the transportation systems for the Citizens of Michigan and to the rest of the world that it shares a global market.

On the other hand, the author presents to the audience one major issue in relation to all the sustained levels of operations. Safety remains an issue even though the conditions of the system, as well as the overall safety of the aeronautical infrastructure, remains to be effectively monitored and maintained through provisions and regulations that the audience can refer to in the Michigan Airport System Plan of 2008 as well as the All-Weather Airport Access Plan.


Examining and evaluating the paper furthermore, reveals that the author is able to find solutions for the issue that concerns the safety of the system. For example, the audience is informed that the safety technicalities can be solved through state policy and plans. For example, the points out that the Michigan Airport System Plan of 2008 is the current aviation system plan that offers regulations and provisions having been updated and improved in reliance on the Michigan Airport System Plan of 2000. For effective management of security matters, the plan divides the operations in the public airports for users into tiers 1, 2 and 3. Hence, the intensity of security varies with the magnitude of services that each tier handles (The Michigan Department of Transportation, 2012). Such an approach, as the audience can infer from the paper, has allowed the aeronautical to direct investment funds and other related financial support on the safety needs at all public airports and prioritization safety measures in order to derive value from them. Such financial funds are reflected in tabulations for a quicker glance, easy to understand, and interpret by using percentages.


The author concludes by informing the audience that even though such advances have been made, the capacity and condition of the Michigan Airport Systems remain relatively the same as had been reported back in 2005. Notable to the audience are the persistent obstacles, including uncertainties in funding by the federal budget, fluctuation in fuel tax that has remained the same since 1931.



The Michigan Department of Transportation. (2012). Michigan Airport System. Accessed on 06/05/2017 from

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