story of Costco's fish

Cisco depends on farmed salmon in order to keep fish prices as competitive as possible. However, due to the way the salmon are treated, this method of farming is regarded as one of the most dangerous aquatic processing methods. The salmon farms are made up of open-net cages in which approximately 500,000 to 750,000 fish are kept in an unfavorable climate (Johnson, Craig, 2013). Since this is a small region, the fish are susceptible to diseases and parasites, which can spread to wild salmon. The sea lions at times get trapped in these nets as they try to enter the pens, on the other hand, the captive salmon escape into the wild to compete with others. Identify the Principles or Values to Support Your ViewThe salmon are kept in a confined in a smaller space which poses a threat to the wild salmon because they can spread diseases. This farming also poses a threat to the population of the sea lions from the fact that they get trapped in the nets as they try to enter the pens. So many Salmons (500000-700000) are held in a smaller confinement of approximately four football fields. Make a Case for What You Would RecommendThe organization should increase the area space where the salmon are held so that they breed in an environment that is friendly. The company should also reduce the number of salmons that are kept in this areas to lessen the spreading of diseases. Removing the salmons from this shelf is just a bad idea since the price will rise.ReferencesJohnson, Craig E.. Organizational Ethics: A Practical Approach (pp. 331-332). SAGE Publications. Kindle Edition.

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