Socialization and profession

Professionalism is an invaluable term that comes from a person's workplace and affects one's interpersonal relationships and interactions. Lai and Pek (2012) describe professional socialization as a method of gaining expertise, skills, behaviors, and norms that are specific to a particular career.
Destructive personal values greatly slow down the degree of dependency and approval of the occupation. Professional identity building is further devastated by inadequate coordination and insufficient role models that will inspire novice individuals to choose a given career (DeSandre, 2014). On the contrary, professional environments which provide mentors who are trustworthy, active listeners and communicators with a deep commitment to the success of their protégé help to magnify the need for professional socializations. Moreover, environments that stereotype novices and demeanor their level of experience bore holes in the confidence of the once interested person on pursuing the profession. Additionally, personal characteristics play a fundamental role in influencing professional socialization.
Questions to Ask an Employer during an Interview
1. Which characteristics are necessary to succeed as a Nursing Practitioner?
I will be in a position to realistically evaluate the skills that I have to those needed.
2. What should I expect during the orientation period?
The question will allow me to psychological prepare myself as the lessons learned during this time are crucial.
3. What is the number of Nurse Practitioners here?
The question will enable me to estimate the tasks that I would be given and develop an appropriate schedule.
4. How many patients will I see in a typical day?
I will be able to plan my time appropriately so that I may give the maximum care to my patients.
5. Who is my backup?
The question will provide me with the knowledge on who to turn to in situations where I am not able to attend to my duties due to some unavoidable circumstances. References
DeSandre, C. A. (2014). Project FNP: Socializing Expert Nurses to Advanced Practice Roles. Journal of Nursing Education, 53(7), 427-428.
Lai, P. K., & Pek, H. (2012). Concept of professional socialization in nursing. Int EJ of Sci Med Edu, 6(1), 31-5.

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