Rhetorical Critique Essay

Jessica’s introductory paragraph begins by giving the title of the speech she is about to critique. The introductory paragraph provides a rhetorical context of the article, identifies the author, the title and the motive of the article being critiqued. However, it does not tell the reader about the unique issues to be discussed: ethos, logos and pathos of Faulkner’s speech. Instead, it offers the general idea that Faulkner tries to persuade the audience to write according to their feelings and passion.
This article gives the summary of William Faulkner’s conversation. Though there is no clear thesis declaration that gives the reader the main thinking of the article. However, the writer indicates that she will analyze how Faulkner tries to sway the audience towards dedicating themselves to the emotion and passion of writing. Generally, there is no thesis that maps out a clear direction and scope of the essay. The length of the one paragraph summary is within the limits. It gives a summary of the main idea discussed in the article. The author explains the importance of writing for passion and emotion rather than money as explained by Faulkner during his speech. Jessica mentions the application of logos, pathos and ethos in Faulkner’s argument.The writer has fully grasped the purpose and makes this clear in the draft.There are three body paragraphs in this article. Each of them effectively introduces the ideas of logos, pathos and ethos. However, these three aspects of persuasion are not mentioned in the introductory paragraph. The writer presents a good analysis of the three aspects in a manner that supports the topic sentence. The writer has applied the old/new contact in the body. She starts by giving the exact words by Faulkner. She then explains how the words appeal to the audience through the three aspects.

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