Relationship Between Women, Sexuality and Technology

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Technological technology facilitates communication processes and increases people-to-people conversational experience. Through the efficiency of communicate and connect with the click of a button, the planet became a global village. The technically-savvy generation has invented and explored numerous ways to render technological inventions moments of courtesy. However, some technical features have been misused to make disadvantaged people suffer; young women, for example, who are adventurous. Social media is a platform where people create accounts and use the platform to socialize and make friends, gather and pass information and engage in other business activities. Nevertheless, people with ulterior motives view the platform as a perfect avenue to trap the vulnerable and commit illegalities including rape, murder, and kidnap. Women have remained the target of criminals and bullies in these social sites which threaten, blackmail, abuse and deceive them.

Risk of technology to young and adventurous women

The safety of women is at risk if they fall into traps of murderous in the social media platform. Additionally, their esteem and confidence are at stake if they are harassed and threatened by cyber-bullies which will affect the quality of their ordinary lives and future productivity in their undertakings (Laconi et al. 201). So it is essential to protect active young women online through various measures including legislating punitive laws for offenders. Moreover, social media platforms should have features to flag any incidences or attempted violence towards them and other vulnerable groups (Frawley et al.). Facebook invented the dislike and reported functionality to be utilized by victims of online violence and bullying. This invention works perfectly well through de-registering culprits hence contributing to the onslaught against online violence and abuse, with women being the highest victims.

Gaps in social media

The social media platform offers a thrilling experience to users; however, this platform has loopholes which are capitalized by criminals and ill-intentioned people. Firstly, social media is large enough to accommodate people from all walks of life known and unknown to individual users (Velezmoro et al. 1022). Also, many users, who are specifically young women and men who are immensely explorative will want to build massive networks to interact and have fun (Frawley et al. 487). Consequently, criminals and bullies within the network will grab the opportunity to attempt their mission. Again, social media are pruned to attacks. Someone’s account can be hacked and used to spread hate or advance immoral subjects. Insecure partners, who mostly are men, can also compromise their girlfriend’s or admirer’s accounts and harass them.

Technology versus age and gender of the users

Anyone can be a victim of technology, but the levels of vulnerability differ, nevertheless, it all depends on the resilience, maturity and energy levels of an individual. More often, men do not fall into traps of cybercriminals and also handle online violence towards them with equal aggression, therefore, managing to offset the challenges. Young ladies are most vulnerable to cyber deception, bully, and harassment because most of them are gullible and full of adventurous spirit (Stephanie et al. 198). Therefore, they easily fall into traps in the course of their dealings and interaction and are harmed before they know it. Contrary, mature women are cautious and less interested in adventure. Additionally, most of them are married and in serious relationships making their lives busy taking care of their families. They cannot afford to waste the little time left with people who do not matter in their lives or those likely to ruin their marriage. Senior women too have little time for social media which saves them from the risk of cybercriminals or online violence. In the event of cyber harassment, they can better handle the situation, so they are not affected in any way.

Theory of gender inequality

Feminist theory examines the issue of gender inequality. Most-specifically, the model discusses the politics of women and men social lives and experiences; education, communication, media and the impact of technology on their behaviors. This theory particularly explores the issue of gender inequality exploring discrimination, stereotyping, and oppression (Frawley et al. 469). Modern technology has continued the vice of discrimination and oppression on women. Men have abused the social media platform to causing women pain and suffering. The theory also observes that systems have been designed to propagate inequalities as result of culture and beliefs whereby men have grabbed power and assumed the monopoly on technology thereby exploiting to their advantage (Velezmoro et al. 1015). Therefore, the modern development in recent history has had women turn around their fate to become enlightened of their rights.

Social justice and discrimination on Women

Pros and cons of social media to young women

Technology has been proven to be beneficial to women in many ways, including in their productive health and social lives. Social media space has provided the platform for sensitization of the ordeals and hardships women undergo (Dhasmana et al. 98). Activists have leveraged the capability of social media to express their displeasure with the treatment of the female gender which includes initiating programs to support them socially and economically, so they gain confidence and face the world.

However, women have also been at the receiving end has been stereotyped and the target of online violence and abuse. Women have become victims of social justice and discrimination in their daily lives(Stephenson et al. 617). Communication systems and technology have contributed to modern day oppression and discrimination on their sexuality. Consequently, men have adopted double standards by condemning the characters harshly and practice women emulate from them (Dhasmana et al. 98). Examples, some women become unfairly targeted for venturing into a male-dominated field. Women also experience verbal harassment and intimidation in the social media. The fact that men believe they are superior to women; hence, they have often abused women who refused to play their games (Sinkinson 428). Consequently, vulnerable young women have become victims of violence including murder and rape.

Erosion of moral values

Exposure of sexual content in the social media has also impacted negatively on the young and restless women. A good number of them become brainwashed trying to seek sexual pleasure through various sites including speed dating and chat-rooms platforms.(Daneback, Kristian et al 584). In many cases, girls have ruined their lives by resorting to emulate their peers in social media. Consequently, they have ended up in prostitution business courtesy of the internet web. Additionally, social media has been used as a marketplace to sell sex toys and objects. Both men women have grabbed the opportunity to buy these objects to satisfy their sexual desires.

Social media influence on health and education

The social media via advertisements has adverse influence to a considerable number of young women across the globe. Young girls need to be rational by learning how to react to commercial advertisements in the social media. A large number of young women are often carried by advertisements and commercial on fashion and beauty products that might not be appropriate on them or their health. Ultimately, their health becomes affected and personality damaged.

Also, young venturous women often fall into depression when they fail to realize what they see in the social media. Example, an individual would want to achieve body curves through administering of certain drugs which end up being ineffective with severe side effects. This state of depression will distort their focus leading to poor performance by young women pursuing their studies. Lastly, depression in young girls has often led to health concerns like obesity. This therefore calls for efforts to educate and empower girls and young women to manage the effect of social media and advertisements regarding their decisions and actions. It is because these groups end up devastated and depressed while searching for self-fulfillment and satisfaction.

Impact of social media on women intimate lives

Mobile phones have revolutionized communication by linking people from different walks of life and across the globe. The web technology has been embraced and explored to provide a new experience in the way people interact, relate also impacting on intimate affairs (Halder and Jaishankar 279). However, technology has redesigned forms of violence and discrimination against women.

Technology has been misused to commit intimate crimes where criminals and ill-intentioned people have used this platform to propagate relationship deception. Many cases have had women play the games of murderous by giving in into social media relationships (Laconi et al. 190). Often, the script usually proceeds with the culprit inviting the lady for a private date after a series of chats and online love-making. After that, the lady will accept the invitation and turn up for the date not knowing its’ a trap; for instance, the man takes the advantage by fulfilling their mission or desire. A bloodthirsty criminal will murder the lady while others will proceed to rape the victim leaving them disoriented and on the verge of death(Silva 16). Other culprits will kidnap the victim and demand ransom in return for the freedom of the woman.

Women also suffer verbal violence concerning their sexuality in many ways either through known online friends who failed in their attempts to court or befriend them, or admirers disguising under anonymous users (Stephenson et al. 607). Ultimately, the perpetrator manages to monitor the profile of the target and hurl abuses in private messages or posts or can even extend the onslaught to threat messages and blackmail.

Partner abuse

Partners in marriage, especially men, can utilize this advancement in technology to infringe into the privacy of their wives’ social life. They can hack their accounts or mischievously monitor their activities online which is a form of harassment and infringement of rights through invading one’s privacy (Sinkinson 421). Consequently, the man can resort to threats, verbal or physical abuse if they discovered of any intimate affairs involving their wife. Online violence including hate speech and blackmail consist violation of the rights to privacy and freedom of participation and expression (Kardefelt-Winther 553). However, many perpetrators of these offenses hide behind the freedom of expression to intimidate, blackmail, and abuse other vulnerable users.


This study examines technology and the impact it has made in the lives of women. It reveals benefits and risks of technology specifically social media. Young women are likely to face online harassment on their sexuality than men as determined by the study. The ladies have been victimized in social media resulting to their suffering; worse case, murder incidences. They are often the soft target of cyber criminals and bullies because of their inability to make sound judgments and their spirit of adventure. Young women have been deceived, harassed, blackmailed and conned online. However, the same experience is noted as low among the mature and senior women. This research also reveals the loopholes in social media which are capitalized by criminals to cause suffering to the women which includes an open space for all kinds of people across the world. Moreover, individual social media accounts can be compromised to allow access to people who can frustrate and hurt the owners.

Women have also been frustrated and oppressed by their partners’ and this happen when they compromise their social media accounts to spy on them. Rejected boyfriends can hack their ex-girlfriend’s accounts and use them to propagate hate and immoral activities.

However, technology has also impacted positively on the lives of the women through sensitization and mobilizing resources for their well being. Social media specifically, has been utilized to mobilize the women and the public to support the empowerment of the gender and sensitize on matters of gender equality, economic and political space and their reproductive health.


  1. Reinforce the security of social media accounts to lock out or trace criminal activities. Also, violence, cyber bully, and harassment can be monitored and perpetrators punished. This exercise will guarantee the security of vulnerable groups online specifically young ladies who are often the target of violence and harassment.
  2. Enforce punitive legislation to protect vulnerable groups and women against online harassment and violence. Authorities should punish offenders to discourage the vice.
  3. More feminine technologies need to be advanced to enhance the confidence and esteem of young women. Technology has always favored men therefore messaging their ego. Entrepreneurs need to invent femine technology that will elevate women to a similar position to the men. Also, feminine features
  4. Young women and girls should be empowered and educated on how to deal with advertisement and commercial. It is because they are often brain-washed to trying to change themselves
  5. Ultimately, this has often caused depression to them for failure to meet the standards in the advertisement, consequentially, leading to their depression. Further, their health becomes at risk owing to depression which is likely to cause them obesity.

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