Proposal Presentation

My complete research proposal is presented in the presentation.

gives a short overview of the research question, studies discovered during the research, theories used to explain different aspects of ISIS propaganda, and, in the end, highlights the key ideas discussed in the paper.

The study's central research issue concerned ISIS's use of propaganda.

The purpose of the research question is to examine how ISIS has used propaganda on a global scale to further its goals of enlisting foreigners in its militia and sowing terror. The paper starts with an abstract followed by overview, key issues and fact file, theoretical review, methodological issues, ethical concerns, conclusion and eventually, ends with a list of references used.

What are the studies I found/explaining them?

To gain more knowledge on the research question, I visited various theories and past studies.

These include the general strain theory which focuses on criminology and explains the ISIS propaganda regarding strain-based explanations of terrorism.

Choice theory addresses the understanding and modelling social, economic behaviour, leading to an explanation of the social, political and economic factors motivating individuals to join ISIS.

I also applied anomie theory to discuss lack of sufficient moral guidance leading to deviance.

Main points of the paper

The main points of the paper include a brief introduction to what ISIS is and its current status.

The discussion further explores the foundations under which the ISIS operates in conquering other territories.

The research then proceeds to the explanation of what propaganda is, and evaluates its impacts.

Another key point detailed in the study is the types of propaganda used by the ISIS, which additionally expands to include the discussion of how ISIS uses social media and technology to disseminate its propagandas.

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