Non-verbal Communication Misinterpretation

Despite the fact that we can interpret other people's intentions by non-verbal communication, we most frequently misunderstand these signals. In addition, it is the confidence that individuals have that makes them unreliable when interpreting non-verbal communication. The most common non-verbal contact that is misunderstood stems from attitudes such as aloofness, submissiveness, and gregariousness. Overlooking the reliable clues to character, for this reason, lets individuals make surprising conclusions while missing the point. In particular, when interpreting gregariousness, the misleading conclusions made by individuals are due to overconfidence and the feeling of them having the ability to read subtle features in individuals (Mahmud, 2014). Therefore, there is misjudging which is the primary problem associated with misinterpreting non-verbal cues. Another commonly misunderstood non-verbal cue is individuals having "shifty eyes" being viewed as liars. On the contrary, these people try the best they can to maintain eye contact in a move to behave like truthful individuals. Thus, people end up with misleading conclusions. In interviews, the applicants undergo a motivation test. However, due to a misreading of personality, the employers get disappointed later on in the course of delivering the expected results (Mahmud, 2014). Therefore, this happens to be the case as it is very clear that social skills are visible while aspects like motivation are not. On the other hand, when interpreting non-verbal cues, we are not cautious enough as we can be easily deceived by elements like close eye contact. For this matter, making the same assumptions causes a partial error regarding someone’s personality traits. While it seems that only ordinary individuals make mistakes when interpreting non-verbal communication, it is now evident that even professionals such as judges and detectives fall victim of this problem. Reference Mahmud, M. (2014). Non-verbal communication in the classroom: students’ perspectives. Journal Of Language And Literature, 5(3), 352-358.

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