Measuring Pain

Pain and its Causes

Pain is a form of discomfort felt by humans as a result of numerous causes such as injuries and illness. The body contains sensory nerves that benefit or protect the body from pain caused by the use of physical goods. Sensitivity causes the nerves to fire when a sharp item or any other object causes pain. Pain causes anxiety, hence one would prefer to avoid it. The most important thing you can do for your body is to take care of its sensitive tissues. Pain can be caused inwardly or externally. Internal pain is produced by an illness that destroys the body's organs. The obvious pain is caused by bodily injuries. There are different types of pain. These kinds depend on the targeted pain and the magnitude of the pain in the body tissues. For example, chronic pain caused by chronic fatigue syndrome and is known to take no more than 12 weeks in the human body. Acute pain is another example that relates to the soft tissue damage, and it takes a period of 3 to 6 months. Lastly, breakthrough pain is an example that relates to an increment to patients who have chronic pain (Theofilou, Aroni, Tsironi, & Zyga, 2013).

Thesis Statement

Measuring pain through traditional and technological means is part of the medical checkup. All people must know how to gauge the pain of an infant, young children or fellow adults. The procedure is quite easy though complicated to some extent. It means that observation and self-report give a substantial ground for determination of the pain. It relates to both internally triggered and obvious occurring pain (Tashjian et al. 2017). Different types of pain define a person's possibility of differentiating the kind of pain he undergoes. The statement regards determining ways of measuring pain.

Literature Review

The pain experienced forms constant itch to the body. Measuring the pain is quite a technical process through several processes involved. There are no precise measurements developed by the researchers though the arguments tend to give appropriate solutions. Several scholars develop different approaches to try and tackle the problem of measuring pain. The procedures quite give some reasonable outcomes. The unpleasant sensation creates unrest to individuals. According to Bromberg, Connelly, Anthony, Gil & Schanberg, (2014) the pain scale measures pain in human beings. The level relies on reports generated from an individual and physical data associated with the person. In infants measuring pain is through observations made by the adults and hence one can tell that the infant is in pain or not. The signs that depict discomfort of the kid is how he behaves and always crying. The baby cries persistently due to the sensation making the child to lose weight since he cannot feed usually. Its mood changes and even may experience heat at high temperatures. The discomfort causes the baby to cry constantly.

Measuring Pain in Adults

There are several scales involved in measuring the pain of an adult. They include visual analog scale and verbal, numerical rating scale amongst the primary measures of scale (Fuentes, Armijo-Olivo, Funabashi, Miciak, Dick, Warren, & Gross, 2014). An adult needs no observation to realize he is in pain. The physical feeling creates an impact in the mind of the person. Since the mind is the center of all activities, it sends the pain into other parts of the body.

Technology in Measuring Pain

A burning sensation causes a lot of pain in a person. The physical pain reduces the concentration of the mind and the concentration directed towards the affected area. The reaction of the body depends on the substances coming into contact with the body. Currently, technological advancements change the way things have to get done developments create a loop in the communication sector utilized by the intellectuals to come up with sustainable solutions. According to Bromberg et al. (2014) technology regarding smartphones makes it easier to measure the pain of a person. The phone design has an application specifically meant to perform such a task. The app involves the use of the fingers to detect the extent of pain in the body. It is the direct contact with the application that reveals the extent of pain. They are important since one can measure the pain at close ranges or intervals to have him updated about his health condition.


Every research requires the use of methods to collect data and information. In this research questionnaires and interviews involve some people in various ways. A question posted in the mind of readers is "what is the number of people experiencing both internal and external pain?" This structured question receives different opinions from various scholars and thus the need to do a possible analysis to try and come up with the reasonable argument to support the thesis. Well-structured questionnaires pinpoint direct research questions directed at retrieving answers from the targeted population. According to Coronado, (2014) a sample picked from the entire population represents the population as if it were the entire target group. The questionnaire reflects the gender and questions that are uniform across the gender. The aim is to obtain the types of pain affecting the population of the nation. Similarly, interviews conducted will include people selected randomly. They engage them in a one on one talk to extract answers related to the research. According to Stephanie, 80% of the population in America experiences all kinds of pain, the leading being chronic pain. Through the research, she conducts using the questionnaire she receives feedback based on various parameters. The interview singles out each with his response in regards to the pain instituted.


The e-health tools continue providing services that are of extraordinary importance. With the continued growing technology, support from the online health service provider's one has to know the health status. When we compare the recent times with the last time, the current time is more developed though it entails risky situations. Being subjected to medical attention tries to minimize the impact. The individuals must submit to thorough medication to prevent the occurrence of pain.

Causes of Pain and Recommended Actions

The diseases that cause short-term pain have their place internally in the body. It means that when they occur, they interfere with the body system and it stops operating the normal way. With time the pain disappears after using the prescribed dose.

The various types of pain have their related causes as indicated above. According to Tashjian, Hung, Keener, Bowen, McAllister, Chen, and Chamberlain, (2017) the reasons will accompany measuring pain. Research proves that approximately 86 percent of the Americans live with chronic pain. The sensation and perception felt create some discomfort. Measuring pain is not an easy task to infants because of their complex character. Physical observation alone sometimes could give contradicting results that mislead the decision by an adult. Since technology is subject to changes due to time elapse, developments made work perfectly under any different circumstances. It means that with the discovery of smartphones, measuring the pain of an infant is possible and the results obtained could be very efficient (Jensen et al. 2013).

Most of the people contacted declare several causes as the triggers of pain. From sampling, the causes are stress, illness and walking. These causes attribute to the people experiencing breakthrough pain. These are some of the measures of breakthrough pain. Stress is the origin of many diseases that attack the body system. There are many failures caused such as a headache, blood pressure and to an extent cancer. Illness is as a result of stress or infections that leave behind endless pain unless handled at the inception point (Fuentes et al. 2014). Sometimes walking long distances leads to fatigue. It means that the body muscles stretch and get overworked and hence tend to swell. It is for this reason that a person develops muscle pull and sometimes pain in the limbs. The pain is consistent such that the person may fail to walk or stretch. The pain scale gives the measurement of the pain resulting from engaging your body to vigorous activities that make the body to be in an active state.

The doctor's advice on the way to get over the pain and prescribe some medicine applied to relieve someone from feeling the pain. In other words, administration of painkillers is the most effective recommendation.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The body is a complex system that needs attention and care. Different activities carried and involving the body require close monitoring and follow-up. Whenever the body feels a little tired, a person needs to take rest to allow the body to engage in metabolism. The body is prone to attack by the illness that constitutes to the pain in the body. Ones noticed proper medication administered at regular intervals is advisable. By considering these actions, the body will have relief and relaxed. Smartphones change the way things are done. It means that e-health is accessible online and treatment of people is possible with all prescription at hand. The medical authorities come up with measures to consider when dealing with a population that needs attention. The measure is to protect the people from an unnecessary pain that may arise. Additionally, people should visit medical institutions to know their health status. This is a good step since it keeps a person aware of the outcomes and the consequences of diseases that will have a long-term impact on the body.


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