Mathew's post on the issue of feminism

This essay provides a thorough reply to Mathew's article on the subject of feminism. Feminism is one of the main issues that the society is currently debating, with various points of view on the subject. Although Matthew grew up with his three sisters and is considered to have lived in the post-feminism period, which is thought to have resulted in gender equality, he does not appear to engage in feminine pastimes like sewing, baking, gardening, or cooking. That shows that feminism has not yet been realized in the community and throughout the globe. That means that any post-feminist needs to conduct a thorough research to know the actual position of gender status in the society. Moreover, the queer theory plays a significant role by helping people realize the differences between sex and gender.

Feminist criticism comprises of individuals who fight for equal treatment of both men and women, irrespective of their sex, and advocate equal rights of the women in the political, social, psychological, and economic spheres. Time has come when everyone in the society needs to reject the existing stereotypes about a woman being inferior to man and feminist readers and authors should try to examine women as a significant theme in the present and expected literary works. Post-feminism is entirely wrong since the society is still yet to solve the issue of gender equality. Research shows that the female is still yet to be empowered to realize the same position in the society as the male. Postfeminist authors need to survey the actual status of the gender equality issue in the community before embarking on raising their claims on woman's status in the society. There is a need for all to realize that time has come when both men and women need to be equally empowered and given equal chances in the society.

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