Literature Review Annotated Bibliography

N. S. Babamiri (2017). "Power Is Just For Guys" A Somewhat Conventional Interpretation of Robert Browning's Poem "My Last Duchess" Concerning the Victorian Era

The feminine movement gained power throughout the Victorian era, but women had no place not only in the family but also in society. Males held dominance over women, and society felt that the only function women had was to care for their homes, so they were forced to stay at home and perform all of the chores. The author highlights negative things done by the Victorian men and they are condemned by Robert Browning for marginalizing and debarring their wives from love. This article helps to proves that women were synonymous with slaves in Victorian age; they had no right and did not participate in decision making of any form. The article helps the research to argue that the author of the poem advocated for the rights of women. This article helps to prove that though Robert Browning was not a feminist, he advocated for equality between both genders.

Meijers, L. Y. (2009). "Conventional or Confrontational?" Oscar Wilde's View on Traditional Victorian Gender Roles in Lady Windermere's Fan, An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest

The article highlights the role of each gender in relationship to power. It argues that in the Victorian age, men were endowed with greater power and influence than women, men's power was gained through knowledge and dominating women. One of the fundamental function of men was to make political decisions on behalf of their families while women's work is to do house work and take care of the children. The article proves that men were respected for their intellect and judgment of ideas while women were only adored for their beauty and chastity. This article is important in learning about gender roles in the Victorian age. This article helps the study to prove that women were fit for leadership like men and it is evident when Wilde writes and proves that men are responsible but bad decision makers. This article serves a role in the study and helps make a distinction between gender roles of Victorian men and women dictated by cultural teachings of the Victorian age.

Plesser, S. L. (2005). "The Reversal of Traditional Gender Roles in the Plays of Oscar Wilde," A Study of "The Importance of Being Earnest," Salome," An Ideal Husband" (Doctoral dissertation, Brown University)

The article analyzes cultural and other societal aspects that depicts gender roles while using it to criticize the upper class in the Victorian society. The author draws a distinction between being in love and being in a marriage and evidently, they were two different things in the Victorian age. The article is instrumental in examining the cultural roots gender roles in marriage and highlights the origin of aspects of Victorian marriages. Apart from romance and falling in love, the article would help the study explain how marriage was a strong bond between men and women. The article helps in highlighting the effects of culture and traditional teachings on the role and position of women in the Victorian age.

Rafiq, T., & Noureen, F. (2015). "Representation of the character of men and women in Poetry," A Critical Discourse Analysis of Robert Browning's Poems. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications

The paper analyzes how the role of men and women helped shape their behavior. In the Victorian age, women were taught to submit to their husband's right from teenage while Men were constantly taught to cater for their families' needs. Women were supposed to stay at home, take care of home affairs and wait for their husbands to bring food to the table. The piece explains that according to traditional teachings of the Victorian age, it would be a taboo for a married woman to provide for their families while the husband stayed home. This article helps the research explain the role of culture and norms of the Victorian society in subordinating women. The article assumes that men's power is not gained by knowledge alone by blending it with love for their families. Author explains Robert Browning's intentions when he wrote that there is meaning to life when there are mutual respect and equity for both genders.

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