John Milton's Paradise Lost

John Milton, an English poet, delivered a poem about the biblical tale of man's fall. Paradise Lost is a narrative poem about Adam and Eve's creation and how they lost their place in the Garden of Eden, also known as Paradise. The sin resulted from Satan's rebellion against God, which led him to persuade man to reject the Almighty Creator's instructions. This article will investigate man's responsibility to mend his damaged relationship with God, which was caused by Satan during the time of Adam and Eve.

According to John Milton's Paradise Lost, God entrusted man with the burden of obeying Him and maintaining the Garden of Eden. The man was to obey God by not eating a fruit from the forbidden tree in the middle of the garden, a fruit of life. The rebellious Satan came in the form of a serpent to Eve who convinced her husband, Adam to eat the fruit that was forbidden by God. After the fall of Adam and Eve, God sent them out of the Garden of Paradise with appropriate consequences resulting from their sin. Therefore, man needs to restore the broken relationship with his God during the time of Adam and Eve. There are very many ways that can enable man to come back to God after committing sin. Man can restore the fallen dynasty by praying and fasting to the Lord, obeying God’s commandments and by upholding God as the sole creator of the universe. Man can also bring children to God at the tender age so that they can grow up when they responsibly know the importance of keeping the commandments of the Lord.

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