Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication within the workplace is crucial in enabling the workforce to communicate better and share on the issues that should be hindering them from quality delivery of their work. The essence of interpersonal communication is to forge teamwork inside the workplace and to enable the staff of an enterprise to relate better. In the film, an employee is worked up by the reality that his magical keyboard is not working. The essence of another staff having time to assist him out with the issue is not fully favored by the team owing to the promotion of individuality via the male employee unable to work around the problem with his computer. Ctrl Z is a movie that also serves as a wakeup call for the employees who feel so individualistic in their duty. Backing the keyboard with a ball is not intentionally meant to disrupt the work of a colleague but to enable the staff to have better relations with the other staff mates within the organization. In the real workplace context, there are incidences where a staff member may not have a better understanding of a core concept or how to operate a given machine within the workplace (Schutte and Loi 135). Often, the staff is obliged to consult with his or her colleagues. In the film, the decision by the computer guru to repair the computer off is colleague is part of teamwork that is the best work practice within many organizations.

Colleagues within the workplace need to have a better understanding of the temperaments of their colleagues. Choosing to assist a colleague even without their consent could prove to be an irritating issue to the staff being helped. The whole essence is to lean the communication staff of the given staff and offering advisory that would blend well with his or her temperament.

Being judgmental when it comes to the issues that a colleague may be having or may be going through could strain the relationship between the staff member and his or her colleagues. The suggestion by the leady colleague that he should go to a psychiatrist is judgmental and does not blend well with the male colleague whom the proposal has been forwarded. Notably, the reaction and emotional feel that a staff member may have when going through an issue may be different from that of the other staff. Therefore, there is need to maintain the mutual respect between the staff members to ensure that each employee is treated with the respect that he or she deserves. Ctrl Z film is premised on the need of interpersonal understanding within the workplace and the further need to recognize that employees may go through different issues within the workplace. Through the film, one needs to acknowledge that he or she may go through problems that detrimental to health grot and cooperation within the workplace. Therefore, Ctrl Z is an advisory of the need to undo the traits that are not healthy for the workplace.

Managing emotions in the workplace are the most critical idea that is passed in the film. The restlessness of the chief protagonist in the movie is based on his inability to manage his emotions better. In the movie, such is evident by the anxiety of the worked up male colleague who has to remove his tie often based on the frustrations that he is experiencing within the workplace. Within the typical workplace, employees are often encouraged to express their emotions freely and to know when they have negative feelings (Hökkä et al. 173). Negative emotions within the workplace may be a setback within the workplace and may hamper the progressive work amongst colleagues within the same workplace. The chief employee to whom the film is focused on expresses the negative emotions as is evident on the red face that he tends to develop and even the tone (Brunetto et al. 2346). The culmination of the negative feelings that he can produce is responsible for the unfortunate incident where he is fired at the end of the film. Therefore, the primary lesson that one can establish from the film is the need for the workplaces to have the concern for their welfare of their employees including how they can work with people with different temperaments (Wan, Downey, and Stough 88). Employees need each other and need to know how to work and to relate to the individual who may have varying temperament levels. For example, having the ability to determine when an employee is angry and leaving and having the soft skill of working with the same employees to identify the issues that he may be going through could make the workplace healthier. Workplaces should not only insist on an employee delivering on his core tasks without taking into consideration that the personal and family issues could take a toll on the very employees and significantly reduce his turnover at the workplace (Liu 793).

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