Implicit Beliefs on Racial and Ethnic Identity

The Implicit Association Test (IAT)

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) at hand sought to gauge how much I preferred white people to black people racially. While it is typical for people to have a preference for members of their own race, it is also extremely frequent for people to have a preference for members of other races. There is a widespread belief that white people are superior to other races throughout the world. According to the results of my Implicit Association test, I have a slight automatic bias for the white population over the black one. The result of my test is based on my speed in responding to the classifications of the white and the black people when associated with either good or bad thing. Definitions and connotations on race are society-based, and several vessels are being developed to solve the various shortcomings resulting from racism and other forms of discrimination

The Implicit Automatic Test

The Implicit Automatic Test depicted me as having a moderate automatic preference for white people over black people just because they deem me as being faster responding when white people and good are assigned to the same response key. However, my perceptions as per how I responded to certain questions and self-scrutiny reflect me as having a preferential bias of the black people over the white people. The Implicit Automatic Test is based on qualitative analysis thus rendering it subject to a lot of biases depending on the designers of the test model. It is my belief that for a given hypothesis to be proven as true or not, more in-depth analysis and research into the information about the issue at hand is needed. Sociologists have in vast occurrences tried to explain the social phenomenon as far as human lives are concerned. My general reaction towards the Implicit Association Test is dissatisfaction in that the result does not explain the weight given to the points in the questionnaire and the level of analysis made to arrive at the said conclusion.

Issues of race, ethnicity, prejudice, discrimination, groups and assimilation

Issues of race, ethnicity, prejudice, discrimination, groups and assimilation come into center stage whenever social issues are being discussed. Sociologists have come up with different explanations and definitions seeking to unravel the dilemma associated with the account of sociological factors. Cultural factors vary across countries, races, and communities. No single definition of sociological aspects can be arrived at in that sociological factors are not universal across societies. Sociologists have strived to come up with harmonized definitions for the social aspects of different societies existing in different cultural contexts. According to sociologists, ethnicity refers to a group of people under which its members share common cultural traditions or nationality. The cultural traditions and nationality are used by members of an ethnic group to identify each other. On the other hand, a race refers to a variable differentiating people into populations based on physical traits resulting from genetic ancestry.

Social connotations defining people across the globe

Social connotations defining people across the globe have also been cited as the basis for unjustifiable accordance of mistreatment of human beings. The world is not a level playing ground, and in that case, issues of discrimination, racism, and prejudice are rampant. The instigators of racism, discriminations, and prejudice are mounted on the social differences making up the human set up. Sociologists have also come in handy in trying to define the various mistreatments made on people from different social setups. The difference between racism, prejudice, and discrimination are based on the sociological definitions of the given terms[email protected]:XZe6d2Jr@7/What-Is-Sociology. Racism refers to any attitude or action unconscious or conscious that subordinates a person or a group of people by their race or skin color. Racism is perpetrated based on perceived racial superiority or inferiority placed on the victims of the racism. Prejudice refers to the judging of an individual or a group of people in a rigid and emotional manner based on pre-conceived beliefs about the person or the group of individuals. Discrimination refers to the differential treatment accorded to a person solely due to the origin or belonging to a particular group.

Institutional and individual discrimination

Sociologists define institutional discrimination as the discriminatory or the unjust treatment of a group or an individual by a given society and the institutions within the community[email protected]:XZe6d2Jr@7/What-Is-Sociology. Individual discrimination refers to the individual unjust treatment of a group of people or an individual based on a conscious decision to perpetrate discrimination. Discrimination occurs in the form of unintentional or intentional bias or unequal selection disadvantaging a person or a group of persons. Minority groups are the common victims of racism, prejudice, and discrimination. A minority group refers to a group of persons which due to some reasons have limited access to opportunities and resources within a given political or social setup. Assimilation in the United States of America has been the greatest vessels towards attaining a just and fair society. Racial passing refers to the process where an individual with a multi-racial ancestry is assimilated into a majority race. In the case of the United States of America, the minority races are assimilated into the majority white race through racial passing.

Eliminating racism through racial passing

Racial passing is a significant step towards attaining a universal society. Through racial passing, the menace of racism can be eliminated and in the process achieve a just society free of race-related forms of discrimination.

Work Cited[email protected]:XZe6d2Jr@7/What-Is-Sociology

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