Human resource practices and firm performance in China:

This paper strives to analyze the case of Atkinson Generation Limited which has been the leading engines and equipment distributor for a very long time serving various markets. The paper tries to establish some reasons behind the performance of the organization. The major issues that the paper addressed include the effects of poor staffing as well as poor management in the organization. Another problem that the paper premised on is ways in which training and how the development of the company employees is related to the performance and growth of the organization.

The third issue that the paper analyzed are the challenges an organization such as Atkinson Generation Limited face in case of lack of provision of perfect and strategic direction from its management. Other questions that have been addressed are ways in which training and development can change the performance of a company which is suffering from lack of appropriate direction from the management. The last question that, the paper addressed is the issue of strategies; how to ensure that a company is running based on the relevant human resource development strategies

After a long time of customer servicing and trading achievements, Atkinson Generation Limited over the previous two years has been dealing with a large margin of loss. This kind of loss is speculated to have been as a result of lack of development and direction from the company management team. Need for a quick change of the situation within the company to ensure the continuity of the company for the coming trading periods is required (Alfes, 2013, p. 340).

Atkinson Generation Limited as discussed in the paper should train and develop their staffs on various essentials of the running company as the problem affecting the company is as a result of lack of direction from the company management. Atkinson Generation Limited should ensure that all the staff members realize that there is a need for the production of a quick strategic plan. The plan should incorporate various important performance indicators, the breakdown of different skills significant for the development of the company as well as the styles of management and provision of learning freedom of all the company staffs.

From the paper, we get to understand that training and development of the employees of the company are linked to the company’s performance and development. The Solutions to problems facing Atkinson Generation Limited can be executed as discussed within the content of this paper. To sum up is that, the researcher has given various recommendations suitable for the rise and survival of Atkinson Generation Limited among them being promotions to good performing employees.

Analytical and critical research of the study

Analytically and critically looking at the problem, we can note that the company performance has not been to its standards as per the executive report due to a number of factors, the main one being the employees’ performance which has not been to the standard of the company.

Case study background

The case study is based on various aspects of human resources development and management within an organization. Atkinson Generation Limited which is the company of study is faced with several challenges based on the poor staffing and lack of the staffing directions. The company has for the last two years suffered from significant loss as a result of lack of employees training and development which is a major factor in ensuring the growth and prosperity of the company. Also, from the organization, we find that it has been faced by poor leadership and management, and poor employees’ performance due to lack of motivation. The paper seeks to analyze on some of the key strategies that Atkinson Generation Limited can put in place so as to curb this issue.

Statement of the problem

Training and development of employees is an essential factor for the growth and prosperity of any company or organization and have a direct linkage with the performance of any given organization regardless of the industry. The paper seeks to find out how employee training and exposure is related to the development of the company.

Research questions

What are the main effects of poor staffing and management in an organization?

How is training and development of the company employees related to the performance and growth of an organization?

What are the challenges an organization such as Atkinson Generation Limited can face in case of lack of provision of perfect and strategic direction from its management?

How can training and development change the performance of a company which is suffering from lack of appropriate direction from the management?

What are the best strategies to ensure that a company is running based on the relevant human resource development strategies?

Aims and objectives

The research aim at providing various considerable key elements which are appropriate for the quick change in Atkinson Generation Limited performance. The study is also objected towards the provision of human resources management strategies which will ensure individual staff needs are provided to ensure that they perform appropriately hence the company development. The paper is also meant to provide solutions and recommendations for the growth and development of Atkinson Generation Limited and enable the company to rise up again and provide its services to their customers as it should.

Description of the situation

The problems facing Atkinson Generation Limited is as a result of lack of direction from the management to the other employees of the company. Since the problem is a workforce based problem, it is, therefore, a human resource problem which requires the help of human resource experts. Atkinson Generation Limited for several trading years have been able to make the large margin of profit dealing in engines and equipment, but lately, we note that it is facing a lot of challenges and have incurred a significant loss as a result of staffing (Alfes 2013 p340).

According to Alfes (2013, p. 340), we get to know that management includes inventing, beginning and consolidating the different components; impelling, planning, incorporating the various dependable parts while backing the reasonability of the connection towards remarkable pre-decided goals. At the end of the day, it is a craft of completing tasks through and with the vast community in formally sorted out companies. With the use of this argument, the paper seeks to find out how the organization is putting this into effect in the organization so as to achieve their common goals as a team.

From the case study, it’s clear that the company lacks a sense of direction, hence a need for change in the sector of human resource for the survival of the enterprise. Based on the lack of leadership within the company, the company has then witnessed, and a recent meeting held by the company management staff has presented the company with stark choices.

The administration of the company have become onto their senses and realized that the company is lagging behind in the last two trading years as a result of lack of training and development of the company employees (Li 2015 p350). The company is, therefore, having two options as discussed in the previous meeting by the company top officials as either shaping up their employees or ship them out and bring in a new set of employees who are well trained and developed for the company survival. The top managers at Atkinson Generation Limited have realized the need for a radical change with the employees and have come to a combined decision that a benchmark recognized nationally was required for the survival of the company. The management a team of four officials has therefore taken the initiative of attending a series of workshops and has acquired and produces a strategic plan for the growth of the company.

Analysis of the case

Problems facing Atkinson Generation Limited

Atkinson Generation Limited has been faced with a lot of problems within last two trading periods. The company has remained confronted with a problem of lack of direction from the company officials as found from the companies’ last board meeting. Therefore, they come up with the solution of either helping their employees improve or ship them out. The company is also facing the problem concerning employee training and development. The communication problem is another challenge facing Atkinson Generation Limited. According to Kehoe & Wright (2013, p. 380), they state that business communication techniques affect the motivation of workers. A profoundly enlightening and communitarian workplace advances worker efficiency, motivation, and innovativeness. On the off chance that relational experiences are poor, representatives need excitement in doing their responsibilities and will scrutinize the evaluation of such items. From the argument, we can see why the company has incurred significant losses over the last two year based on the inability to meet the consumer desires and insufficient trading.

Major problems facing the company from the case study

Atkinson Generation Limited has been faced by two major problems as seen in the case. The company is lacking skilled employees with the best skills necessary for the growth and development of the company as well as the delivery of services and goods to the company consumers. The problem of lack of appropriate skills by Atkinson Generation Limited is as a result of not subjecting their employees to proper training and development thus application of old school methods doing their trading activities. The company has also faced a significant loss over the past two years based on the inability of the management to produce required strategic plan. Use of old employees results into application of old methods which are not suitable and also do not much the current world interest which has been influenced by technological advancements.

Solutions to the major problems

As argued by Alfes (2013, p. 340) the company management officials should adopt various appropriate methods to train their employees to have the required skills to deliver to the market based expectations. The company should also take their employees to a series of workshops organized locally and internationally. With the appropriate skills, the company sales margin will increase which will later reflect into the profit margin (p. 342). Lastly is that, the company should also come up with an appropriate channel of communication for better service delivery.

Best solution to be implemented

The best solution to be implemented by the Atkinson Generation company Limited should be training and development of the employees. This will enable staff to have appropriate skills required to deliver their services. The company management team should monitor the employees’ behavior and prevent paralysis of work by setting robust administration regularities to improve productivity. Research conducted by Kehoe & Wright (2013, p. 380) found that employee monitoring allows a business to track employee actions and observe worker commitment with workplace-related responsibilities. Therefore, Atkinson Generation Company Limited needs to understand that employee monitoring on a computer can evaluate productivity, assure security, record participation, and collect data on hours accomplished and this will significantly help the company to achieve its goals. Providing employees with considerations such as awards, motivation, and job earnings to increase their execution is another best solution that can be adopted by Atkinson Generation Company Limited (p. 380-400).

How this solution should be implemented

Atkinson Generation Limited should establish a learning and development appraisal oriented system for every individual within the company to enable them to identify customer needs. All management staffs of the company should be teaching managers to allow them to coach and train other support crews. The solution should be employed through communication where the full and relevant information concerning the company operational results to enable feedback from the staff (Li 2015 p. 350).The company should also implement the solutions through consideration of advice from its local business advisory services regarding the importance of national benchmarking for the development and training as well as qualification and financial support.

Findings from the analysis

In light of the above case examination, Atkinson Generation Limited as an organization is experiencing a few issues related to the failure of the organization to give proper directives. The organization in the course of recent years has not possessed the capacity to create enough cash on benefit as a result of the poor worker's abilities which is due to lack of training. The organization workers as uncovered from the situation investigation do not have the required aptitudes for the better conveyance of the organization administrations and items according to the requests of the business. The administration of the organization is not likewise ready to give enough data to other staff individuals making it hard to comprehend the enthusiasm of the clients.

In the circumstances, for example, that of Atkinson Generation Limited, the administration groups are required with enough abilities to mentor and deliver a best necessary arrangement for the organization flourishing. In light of the examination, it has additionally been discovered that the vast majority of the workers do not have the mechanical aptitude and the organization ought to give representatives get down to business administration’s or ship them out of the organization. From the case investigation, it has been uncovered that the administration group of the organization should concoct quick reactions to the issues of the organization (p. 370).

Workers' welfare is individually connected to their execution as observed through the training examination led in connection to the instance of Atkinson Generation Limited. Giving legal training to the representatives is specifically associated with the yield and profit to be generated by the organization. As found on account of the Atkinson Generation Limited, for the organization to perform better, workers of the organization should likewise have appropriate training and improvement that matches the yearnings and premiums of the customers within the market area being served. The net revenue of the organization is also straightforwardly connected to the preparation and improvement of the organization workers making appropriate for the company manages officials. In circumstances where the organization authorities and staff are all around prepared and built up, the net revenue is prone to be high as the representative's execution coordinates the guidelines of workforce interests as well as their satisfaction.

As indicated by various human resource strategies and theoretical perspectives, it has likewise been found from the case examination that it is vital to create and prepare representatives of the organization about the enthusiasm of the market while pushing for improved productivity. Ways can be set up to guarantee the organization will accomplish these for its survival. The execution of the representatives can be enhanced through the usage of various arrangements. Proof from the investigation has demonstrated that with the joined exertion of the administration group, the organization can improve to coordinate the past guidelines where it used to make an expansive edge of benefit from motor and equipment bargains.

The examination has likewise found out from the administration of Atkinson Generation constrained, that usage of different systems to the organization necessary arrangement can prompt a rapid and emotional change to the association. To enhance the execution of the representatives of the organization, the administration of the organization should change their style of the Directorate and give the getting the hang of, preparing, and improvement open door for every one of the workers to meet their cravings. The performed investigation uncovered that with the usage of a preferred benchmarking arrangement can empower the organization administration to change their style of administration which gives a chance to every one of the staffs to learn. Another finding from the organization case investigation is that the execution of the workers additionally relies on upon the open door given to them and how the administration satisfies their interests (Kehoe and Wright 2013, p. 380). It has likewise been noticed that with better fortune to the representatives' advantage, the worker's execution is probably going to enhance as performance is specifically connected to the sentiment fulfillment of the workers.

Solutions to the problem, issues and Recommendations

The above chart is an illustration of what the company should implement to survive in the industry where there a lot of competitors. As already mentioned early in the case analysis, various solutions can be put in place to help deal with the company problems. The training of the officials can be conducted by taking the company employees through a series of workshops organized locally and internationally is an organizational strategy which should be implemented by the company. The company should also come up with an appropriate channel of communication for better service delivery. This can only be achieved through a well-designed plan or classification plan.

The best solution to be implemented by the Atkinson Generation company Limited should, therefore, be training and development of the employees. This will enable staff to have appropriate skills required to deliver their services (Li 2015, p. 350). With proper training and development to the company employees, the company sales and delivery of services will improve leading to increased profit margin as already mentioned in the case analysis when a perfect informational, as well as a learning environment, is created for all the employees. Another solution that should be adopted by the company is the use of national benchmarking and the advice from various local advisors. By company officials checking on the company employees through a well-designed behavior monitor plan, they can be able to develop and produce a better strategic plan which will provide various opportunities for the employees to train and meet employees’ interests as well as desires.

Based on the above-provided solutions, a better human resource evaluation plan or strategy as indicated in the diagram above should be implemented. The system to be established should be developmental oriented for every employee of Atkinson Generation Company Limited to enable identification of individual needs to meet their interests for better performance. Another recommendation for the company managers to be learning managers to enable them coach and provide direction to other members of the staff. Another recommendation is for the management of the company to give direction to other staff members through the establishment of a communication system which can link the management and other staff members. The company should also consider meeting all the company employee desires to enable them to offer their best services to the company.

The above solutions are therefore appropriate for the company to move towards the previous performance where the company was previously. The company should also utilize the various theories of human resource management which states that the fulfillment of the employees is linked to their training and development as well as their welfares (Zhang &GAO 2015, p. 56). Various methods of improving consumer’s interests are therefore recommended for Atkinson Generation Company Limited to change towards the better performance and improve their profit margins. Based on the above-discussed solutions the company should, therefore, come up with appropriate strategic planning which includes. The most suitable strategy recommended for the survival the firm is the application of various strategies which can meet different interests. A plan which ensures workers satisfaction as well as pushing down performance should be implemented (GAO 2015, p. 56-61). The company should come up with a human resource management team with the required skills, and appropriate know how to channel the workforce towards the right direction. Concerning various factors affecting the company, the management should focus towards providing opportunities for training and envelopment. If the company put into consideration the recommendations mentioned above, there is hope that the performance of the company will improve and will be on top of all the competitors. Also, they will acquire more customers with the implementations of the recommendations (p. 59-63).

References List

Alfes, K., Shantz, A.D., Truss, C. and Soane, E.C., 2013. The link between perceived human resource management practices, engagement and employee behaviour: a moderated mediation model. The international journal of human resource management, 24(2), pp.330-351.

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