Greenhouse Gas Emission of DOW

The Framework for Launching a Green Project

The article includes a case study that defines the framework that a corporation like DOW should use to launch a green project, as well as the obstacles that come with it. The technologies and solutions that DOW can employ to reduce GHG emissions and fuel consumption in the supply chain are identified. The study also analyzes the difficulties that DOW is anticipated to experience when implementing the solutions and technology.

The Importance of Measuring Impact

To establish a sustainable global economy, it has become increasingly important for businesses to measure the impact that a strategic sustainable chain gives in the end. Firms must develop practices that consider not only the supply chain but also the environmental and social consequences. The problem is that earth environment is at risk due to human actions. The problem has been identified through research on the environment which particularly identifies greenhouse gas emissions since the time of industrial revolution (Blackstone, Stern, & Prest, 2013). Greenhouse gas emission has increased effects to global warming. Methane, carbon dioxide, fluorinated gasses and nitrous dioxide all participate in trapping heat in the atmosphere which is one of the major greenhouse effects. Other human activities which have increased greenhouse effect and eventually caused global warming include deforestation and burning of fuels primarily. Greenhouse gasses have additional effects to the environment which involve ozone depletion, smog pollution, ocean acidification as well as variations in plant growing and nutrition levels. The levels of greenhouse gas have been increasing since the industrial revolution, and in the past year, the growth has been faster. The increased levels have resulted to a point where there is too much heat stored in the atmosphere of Earth. The condition forces for the necessity of establishing a symbiotic relationship between human and the environment (Reay, 2014).

The Framework for a Green Initiative

The framework which a company like DOW should follow to start a green initiative is crucial. DOW believes that it is the primary stakeholder concerning changes that involve redressing the issues of global climate. Thus, its major objective is to stopping, reversing and slowing the development of greenhouse gas as a way of conserving the planet as a whole. Following DOW's 2015 goals of sustainability, it intended to study its supply chain with an environmental viewpoint. Practices which involve efficient use of natural resources for the purpose of reducing generation of pollutants and waste were to be practiced. Also, increased investment and innovation low carbon technologies were essential exercises. Finally, the creation of greening of service delivery and green jobs would eventually reduce greenhouse gas emission (Karas, 2015). Through enhancing DOW's supply chain network in tactical and strategic levels was a key to achieving thirty percent to serve goals by 2010 at a lower cost. However, there was the challenge of balancing various objectives which included minimizing GHG emission and cost while maintaining service levels for the customers of its global supply chains.

Technologies and Solutions to Reduce GHG Emissions

Technologies and solutions which DOW can use to minimize GHG emissions and fuel consumption in the supply chain and the challenges to encounter in applying them are discussed below. These measures involve a sustainable method for surface transportation. Luckily, transportation strategies and technologies are developing which may help meet the challenge of climate. These include fuel and automotive technologies, mobility management, and intelligent transportation systems strategies which can reduce demand for private cars. The benefits of innovative engine and automobiles technologies are clear, though there are few studies accessible on mobility management and intelligent transport system strategies. The studies available are of scenario analysis, simulation models, and incomplete organization of experience. The challenge which DOW may face while implementing the policies is that the increase in fuel consumption is associated with increased trade oversea. Therefore, more research is required to measure potential impacts of each proposed policy.


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