global issue discussed in this article

The United States’ Liberal International System

The United States’ liberal international system is the topic of this article. The issue was supported by the United States after World War II, and it has ensured that the United States has remained a dominant force on the world front for many years. For example, many countries around the world are dissatisfied with the global issue, but Russia and China have been at the forefront of expressing their worries. With a new administration in place, it is unclear if the old order will be preserved while the world goes forward. Indeed, Russia and China have advanced their frustrations by fronting for a more pluralistic as well as less imperial order (Mazarr, 2017). A less liberal order would ensure that the U.S dominant system comes to end, but this is just a proposal.

Main Actors Affected by the Global Issue

The main actors affected by the global issue are intergovernmental organizations such as NATO, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and G-20. These organizations have many member countries, but they are controlled by few. The UN is affected by this global issue because as it advocates for an international community with shared interests, but with the U.S dominating, this cannot be achieved. The UN is rated high by many Americans due their global dominance. After the financial crisis of 2008, China has continued to play an increasing role in the International Monetary Fund as a way of reducing U.S dominance (Mazarr, 2017).

Theoretical Perspective of Liberalism

The theoretical perspective that authors use to support their argument is liberalism which is philosophy that supports equality among nations. The current global dominance by the U.S does not advance any equality. For example, the author argues that U.S strategists will have to come up with unifying themes that will result in a more pluralistic world. The lack of balance in the current world order makes liberalism hard to achieve. The author notes that the U.S will still lead the world, but in a modified way by respecting liberal values (Mazarr, 2017).


Mazarr, M. (2017). The Once and Future Order. Foreign Affairs. Retrieved from

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