Essays on Roman Art

Analysis Chapter 2 of the Greek Piece of Art

Throughout history, art has played an important part in the growth of culture and the preservation of history. A variety of art architects are shown in a variety of ways. These elements are the style, the artists backgrounds, the materials used to create the work of art, the meaning derived, and...

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Comparing the artwork of ancient times

Two Christian artworks, Catacombs of Saint Peter and Marcellinus, Dome of Heaven, Rome 3rd to 4th century CE and Hagia Sofia, Constantinople c. 532-537 CE were built as place of worship. Hagia Sofia located in Istanbul Turkey is known as the Church of Holy wisdom. While Catacombs is located in...

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The Art Narrative of the Final Project

The attraction of historical cities like ancient rome is usually a final destination for majority of art lovers. This is no surprise as they fill the streets of these cities with earlier artistry attractions. It is said that they do this to make up for the void left in their...

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