Essays on Manufacturing

Logistics in Future

The professional area that is of interest to me is the logistics. There are a lot of changes that I feel will take place within the logistics profession. Based on the fact that there are some technological advancements which are being introduced into the field, the logistics will in future...

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Automated Lighting System for Clubs

One primary problem about nightclubs which can apparently be done away with is the issue of light intensity increment over certain limits. It is very common in clubs which are done at night, and my observation is that the challenge is substantially affecting the parties. According to my invention, I...

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Piston Manufacturing Process

A piston is manufactured mostly using cast aluminium alloys. Rings are made using either cast iron or stainless steel. The manufacturing process depends on the intended application of the piston. The most common process is through casting. Typically, casting process involves pouring molten metal into a mould with a design...

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The Importance of Recycling

A can crusher is a tool basically used for the application of easier and smart recycling achieved through crushing of empty aluminum cans. Can crushers are of different types where some constitute of stainless steel that provide extra strength, corrosion resistance and stability to the merchandises. Most collective parts of...

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Minimum Wage and Automation

For sure, minimum wage causes employment. According to leading economists that includes famed billionaire investor Warren Buffet, unemployment can actually be raised by minimum wages. It merely gives employers fewer incentives for hiring. While at the same time, an increase/ rise in the minimum wage can also provide the same...

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The Application of Green Chemistry Principles to Radioactive Wastes

Green chemistry, by way of definition, refers to the chemical sciences approach that aims to eliminate waste as well as efficiently utilizing renewable raw materials. It avoids the use of hazardous and toxic solvent and reagents in the application and manufacture of chemical products. In green chemistry, the environmental impact...

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The Impact of Recycling on Food Production

According to EPA website provisions, the critical issue of plastics in the environment necessitates the need for keeping the environment safe. The challenge of plastics means that the natural processes of food production have been adversely affected. It underlines the need for possible methodologies to assist in protecting the environment....

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Benefits of Driverless Cars

Over the previous period, significant advancement has been created in mechanized driving systems (ADS). Provided the new energy and improvement, ADS may be likely to remain to develop, and change of ADS products will develop internationally present within a decade. Furthermore, it is proposed that computerized driving know-how will influence...

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The Human Side of Factory Automation: Managerial and Human Resource Strategies for Making Automation Succeed

The author explores autonomous car on its benefits, impact, cost and transportation planning issues in the future. The author explores the development of the self-driving cars and their adoption in the society as a result of technology advancement.  The author also highlights the benefits, challenges as well as their impact...

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The Environment and Waste

The environment is significantly affected by waste. The impact of waste depends on its composition as well as disposal practices. The disposal of toxic substances on the surface of the earth as well as in the atmosphere has a significant impact on environmental well-being. This cause and effect essay examines...

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Quality health care organizations

When patients receive quality medical treatment, their health is effectively and efficiently restored. Timely access to medical care, efficient therapies, and preventive care are components of high-quality medical care. The effectiveness of the aforementioned components is ensured by licensing standards. (Taylor, 2004). Experts and healthcare organizations are required to obtain licensing,...

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Comparison of My Protein Requirements to That of the Atkins Diet.

The Atkins diet is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, and it must be followed correctly if you want to lose weight effectively. The Atkins plan has four main phases, and if followed incorrectly, the weight loss may be delayed. Nutritionists advise me to adjust or rather change the...

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