Comparison of My Protein Requirements to That of the Atkins Diet.

The Atkins diet is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, and it must be followed correctly if you want to lose weight effectively. The Atkins plan has four main phases, and if followed incorrectly, the weight loss may be delayed. Nutritionists advise me to adjust or rather change the amount of food that I consume to suit my cravings, particularly reductions, given that I am a 240-pound male. In other words, I am required to eat an amount of food that will make me feel fulfilled and at the same time not stuffed (Roth, 2014). In cases where I am not hungry, nutritionists recommend that I should consume a little-controlled carb nibble which goes in hand with my nutritional supplements (Roth, 2014). More so, I am advised to drink about eight ounces of water on a daily basis as well as other fluids that would dehydrate my body (Roth, 2014). In cases where I am constipated, nutritionists recommend that a tablespoon or more of the psyllium husks in a glass of water and drink it daily (Roth, 2014). Lastly, it is prescribed that I should take multivitamins with minerals each day and this should include calcium and magnesium and should not contain iron (Roth, 2014).

Atkins diet is an alternative of the nutritionists’ recommendation and is very instrumental in my case of 240 lb. The first stage is induction which goes for at least two weeks. In the course of this stage, I am allowed twenty grains of carbohydrates in a day and not fewer than twelve to fifteen grams (Atkins Nutritionals, 2017). During this stage, I am to keep off taking sustenance’s that are carbs rich such as fruits, milk, rice, pasta, potatoes, and bread (Atkins Nutritionals, 2017). This stage allows a body change from blazing carbs to the smoldering fat in addition to glucose levels balancing out. The second stage is an ongoing weight loss which allows for a buildup of carb intake by five grams each day. This goes for about a week until one can locate their critical carbohydrate levels for losing weight. The third stage is referred to as the maintenance stage whereby the carb intake is increased by ten grams each day for a period of one week at a time (Atkins Nutritionals, 2017). The final phase is the lifetime aimed at maintaining the weight acquired after the whole process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the High Protein Diet from a Nutritional Standpoint

The main advantage of Atkin diet is that it is a hearty eating plan. For instance, one can take in more food, and hearty meals such as burgers and steaks can remain on your menu (Scott, 2017). Secondly, the diet allows for a significant weight loss, of more than 80 pounds (Scott, 2017). Lastly is that it helps a person to learn to eat healthy carbs by eliminating carbohydrates that are refined such as white bread and cake. Atkin diet has some disadvantages such as reduced fruit and grain intake, decreased energy, discomfort, possible food binges, and the fact that it is tedious to count the net carbs (Scott, 2017).

Why Someone May Choose to be, or should not be, on a High Protein Diet

Intake of high protein diets forces one to give up on the nutrition-rich foods. Furthermore, cutting out carbs amounts to a reduction of a favorite necessity of the brain. What’s more, people fear developing gout due to high consumption of proteins.


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