Five Theories About the Origins of Paranormal Activity

Origins of Paranormal Activity: Five Theories Explored

There are many theories about the origins of paranormal activity, from Asmodeus to Next of Kin. But which are the most plausible? And which of them are based on real footage? These are questions that this article answers to help you make an educated decision about whether or not paranormal activity is true. Listed below are five theories:

1. Next of Kin

If you've never seen Paranormal Activity, you should! This horror movie centers around a woman named Margot, who was abandoned as a baby. After being adopted by a family, Margot learns that she was born into an Amish family. She's determined to find her birth family and make a documentary about her journey. But she's not sure she can do it alone, and a few strange things happen on her way.

2. Asmodeus

If you have watched any of the previous Paranormal Activity movies, you probably know what Asmodeus is. This demon, whose image is prominent in the movie, is a basic antagonist from the film's first installment. During its run, Asmodeus has been used as a recurring character in many films, but it has also been given its own spin in several films. Whether Asmodeus is a real demon or an impostor, he has numerous forms in various mythologies.

3. Tobi

Tobi's paranormal activity began after Dennis and Julie's sex tape was interrupted by an earthquake. After the earthquake, Dennis and Julie woke up to find that Tobi was in their house. He told them to go down and find the girls, but when they did, they found a dead body in the crawlspace. Dennis then tried to chase the girls up the stairs, but Julie was able to distract him with a prank, which lead him to believe that Tobi was the one who had done it.

4. Ghost Dimension

After a promising start, The Ghost Dimension is a disappointing film. While the new ghost dimension and time travel elements provide some welcome novelty, the film's narrative momentum is not compelling enough to justify its inclusion in the franchise. Instead, the film squanders an opportunity to expand the Paranormal Activity mythology and provide genuinely innovative scares. In short, the film feels a little like a retread of a previous film in the franchise, and is not an upgrade of the original Ghost Dimension.

5. Tokyo Night

If you enjoyed the original Paranormal Activity, then you'll most likely enjoy the sequel Tokyo Night. The original film was a low-budget found-footage thriller that followed a young couple who installs surveillance cameras in their home when they suspect they're being haunted. The jump scares were a highlight of the film and the sequel was supposed to be a remake, but test screenings revealed that the Japanese audience was more receptive to the original's jumping-start ending.

Paranormal Activity 4 is another lackluster money grab, and its most disappointing movie to date. The film does nothing to advance the franchise's mythology or backstory, and is largely uninspired. However, there is a sense of hope for the future. Director Henry Joost and producers Zack Estrin and Oren Peli return to the series to produce this new installment. Despite its lackluster plot and mediocre performance by the main cast, the film still has its fans.

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