Children and parents who live together constitute a family. Each person usually has a different role to play in the family. The man, for example, is considered the family head, while the woman supports her husband by taking on household chores and taking care of their children. Some nations, such as the US, have previously implemented certain laws that stress gender inequality and women's oppression, which have led to family break-ups. US families are now falling apart on the basis of the claim on feminist interpretation due to imbalance in gender roles as well as laws that marginalize women in the family. To begin with, feminist viewpoint emphasizes on inequality of gender as well as how they influence families and marriages. According to the law, men have power and authority over the women; it forces them to mistreat women. For example, a man has power over the family finance even if it is the woman working only. For instance, the US government passed a bill on divorce which makes a separation an easy thing. The religious, political as well as legal institutions marginalize women and children since any women and children violence case presented before them is not taken seriously. Additionally, laws have been passed on property inheritance which highly favors men.


In conclusion, families in the US are falling apart. According to feminist theory, gender inequality, as well as patriarchy, has contributed widely to breaking down of families and marriages. For instance, divorce cases have been increasing at a higher rate due to the legalization of divorce. Women have been discriminated, mistreated and exploited in various ways which have resulted in marriage break up. Over the last century, marriage rates have reduced by sixty-five percent due to the challenges that women go through while in the family. Finally, the rules and regulations which give excessive power to men have significantly influenced the fall apart of families in the United States.

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