Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury is an American writer who is best recognized for his Fahrenheit 451 novel. He authored horror stories and rejected being categorised as a science fiction author. He was born in 1920 in Waukegan. He chose to become a author at the age of 12 and later declared that he decided to emulate the heroes. His family later moved to Los Angeles in 1934. During his teenage period, he actively participated in school drama. In aiding himself, he sold newspapers and wrote. His first writing was published in the journal in 1938. He did several books, and by 1947, he married Marguerite with whom they had four daughters. He did his writing work till at the age of 80s. He would transcribe words to a page and dictate for close to three hours to any of her children. Bradbury died in 2012 in his 91st year.

Farenheight 451 is a novel by Ray Bradbury that deals with censorship and defiance in an environment where the book displays familiar burning and oppression. The book tries to deal with how to live in realizing the right. Guy Montag works as a fireman in an American city where h plays a reversed role; instead of preventing and putting off fires, he is actively involved in starting them. People in the society described by Farenheight are prohibited from reading books among other things. Ray Bradbury uses the book to focus on the existing role of book burning to suppress dissenting ideas in the society. The book came into place due to concerns of Ray Bradbury at that particular time. In the later years, the novel was a commentary on reduced reading interest by mass media.

In 1954, the novel Fahrenheight 451 walked away from American Academy of Arts and Letters Award and the Commonwealth Club of California. The author has since won several awards such as Hall of Fame award of 1984, Retro Hugo Award of 1954. In 2004, he won the best novel retro Hugos award. In 1976, he was honored for Grammy nomination. Fahrenheight 451 has adopted in several films and radio dramatizations. For example, the novel was used in “Francois Truffaut” of 1966 and featured in a radio dramatization in 1982 by BBC. In 1979, the novel was published in a stage play version, and by 1984, it had developed an interactive fiction on the computers just with the similar name. It is the same year that he developed collation of short stories. The novel is set in a city with no name and unspecified but likely in America. It takes place at the unspecified time in the future probably the years after the 1960s.

Doris Lessing was a British novelist and a short story writer. She was a daughter of farmers and was born in Persia. In her story of Group Minds, the western individuals go through their lives while failing to analyze the flattering picture, making them conform to various societal pressures presented in many ways (Doris, 724). In the novel Fahrenheight 451, we meet Clarisse, a young teenager who is a free thinker and has liberating spirits that prompt her to question the life of Montag and perceived happiness. Montag prefers to spend more time with Clarrise than her wife, and as a result, the stressed wife is found to have overdosed on sleeping pills. While the life of Montag’s wife is in danger, we see her being medically attended to by two uncaring EMTs who drain the infected blood and pimps the stomach. Despite being evident enough that Montag’s wife is in critical condition, he is still possessed with the thoughts of Clarisse and walks out of Mildred only to be bombarded with subversive thoughts of Clarisse that has caused the near-death condition to Mildred.

The people from western society may feel educated; however, they come up with an idea about themselves that’s being a citizen making independent choices. While making these choices, they consider their minds and their opinions as their own and will (Doris, 724). When Montag returns from work and meets Clarisse, she is first revealed to be a young teenager who is a free thinker. Despite being a teenager, she makes all her decision without involving her parents as she feels that she has to make choices about her. In a particular day when Clarisse met Montag, she opts to tell him about the simple pleasures and the interests making her feel as an outcast among her peers, due to this reason, she believes that she was forced to attend therapy classes on behavior change (Ray, 7). On the same, Mildred decides using overdosed pills to take her life away. The novel portrays feminine as depressed individuals who have no choice but are forced to decide their own opinions due to pressure from the society. Females who happen to be radical and independent thinkers tend to conflict with the community.

The fact that people belong to groups makes them unstable in standing alone. People are always looking the groups to belong to, and upon dissolution, they look for other teams. In Farenheight 451, we witness protests by the minority group over controversial and outdated contents belonging to literature. The group and masses as well leave the society with an imminent threat of war since the books that are protested about might contain information that saves the society from own destruction (Ray, 53). After the important books are burnt, a group of individuals embraces the new media. The same case is also witnessed after Montag returns to his home after visiting Faber. He meets a group of friends to Mildred whom he tries to engage in some important conversation. However, the group they feel different about the war that is just about to dawn.

The concept of vitality is also a touchstone in the collapse of cultural and it’s starting to slowly surface in the American culture (Morris, 4). It reflects the obsessive quality of a particular behavior. The Fahrenheight 451 novel depicts a society where the use of books is banned. The books are prohibited, and this is reflected by the fact that sniffing is carried out at Montag’s from the door while he is perusing the book with his wife. Both of them assume that the real motive of the dog wasn’t sniffing but rather a random dog or a hound. He continues to read the book until he starts remembering Faber, an old man and English professor of the books. While questioning about books, Faber hangs up the call depicting that these books are completely banned and prohibited within the town. After making a trip to Faber to be guided by a methodological understanding of the book, he is offered an ear-pierce communicator to offer him constant guidance. While returning home, he constantly hides the books at the backyard and just appears with the stolen bible.

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