Emergency Management Essay

To complete the investigation

The researchers employ a content analysis approach. In two steps, the strategy is supplemented by in-depth interviews with disaster managers and experts. Researchers discovered that catastrophe management necessitates tight collaboration between the health and other sectors (Pourhosseini, Ardalan, & Mehrolhassani, 2015). Human resource management, environmental health, nutrition management, victim management transfer, current technologies, mental health support, inter-organizational coordination, and budget management, among other things, are required for disaster case management. The research material can be utilized to justify the involvement of personnel from various fields during a catastrophe response. As such, the team responsible for management of the disaster can address the diverse needs of the situation. If the relationship between the different sectors is well established before the occurrence of the emergency incident, fewer problems will be experienced during the response.

Outcome of the Research as Applied to Disaster Response

The research is focused on providing training and education on disaster management for nurses. The method used to complete the research is an in-depth analysis of literature. According to the research, nurses ought to use their knowledge and skills to respond to cases of disaster (Bachmann, Jamison, Martin, Delgado, & Kman., 2015). For this to be possible, nurses have to be trained for emergency situations. The authors recommend that nurses be trained through the integration of disaster management courses into their curricula. According to the research by the authors, the Disaster Nursing Competencies by ICN and WHO can be adopted by universities to complement the nursing curriculum. In the case of disaster response, the research material can be useful in that the nurses will be ready for emergencies. From the research, there is a need for national disaster plans that document the steps to be taken in the case of an emergency. If the proposals of the research are implemented, nurses will respond to emergency situations effectively.

Use of Research Materials in Disaster Management

The authors of the article, “Selected resources for emergency and disaster preparedness and response from the United States National Library of Medicine” analyze pieces of literature to unearth the available resources that can be used for disaster and emergency response as well as preparedness (Hochstein, Arnesen, Goshorn, & Szczur, 2008). According to the research, resources from Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program (TEHIP) can be used to respond to disaster cases. Examples of these resources are Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER) and the Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM) website. It is important to note that the TEHIP is a program of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The REMM is a treatment and diagnostic toolkit that is web-based and can be used by healthcare professionals to provide care during periods of disasters. The second tool according to the research, WISER, is designed to be used by emergency responders in the case of a disaster scene with hazardous materials.

The researchers of the article, “Disaster Preparedness: Need for inclusion in undergraduate nursing education” conducted a search on Apple iTunes Store to find applications that can be used for disaster management and emergency preparedness (Achora & Kamanyire., 2016). From the research, it is evident that there are a lot of smartphone applications that can be used to respond to disaster instances. FEMA and the Community Emergency Response Teams were found to have the best applications that can be used by responders. The American Red Cross, as well as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), also have useful applications for natural disasters. Bachmann, Jamison, Martin, Delgado, & Kman (2015), note that the public and emergency responders find it hard to differentiate between effective smartphone applications in the case of an emergency. The applications pointed out by the research can be used by emergency responders and the public as well. Therefore, from the research, people can get to know the mobile applications to use during disaster response.


Each disaster may present unique and unprecedent situation to the emergency response team, the resolution of which may not be available to the active workers during the time of emergency. It is therefore preferable to have research materials on hand to study and find a resolution of current problem at hand. It is obvious from the above discussion that with the proliferation of Information Technology and mobile communication, access to research for emergency preparedness is simpler and ubiquitous, which demands widespread popularization of the method.


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