Duration of a well-child visit

The Well-Child Visit to Asia

The following study depicts a well-child visit to Asia, a female youngster under the care of Mrs. Foster and her husband. The analysis is critical in developing the appropriate concerns required for a child's growth and development.

Preparation for the Visit

In preparation for the visit, I will gather information from the child's medical examination and measurements (weight, blood pressure, height), developmental evaluation, immunization, and sensory screening (hearing and vision). The physical examination will be based on questions asked of Mrs Foster regarding Asia's health and physical evaluation. Also, a medication examination will be required to determine the severity of the child's ailment. In regards to Asia's previous condition, I will ask how she has been coping with Neuroblastoma Stage 4S disease and Mrs Foster's feeling and concerns. In relation to Asia's growth and development, the possible questions I would ask during this period include how the child has been doing concerning her eating habits and the type of food she eats at this stage (Halfon et al., 2011). Besides, I will ask whether she imitates the mother's facial expressions and sounds, if she can pull up into a standing position, whether she uses individual fingers to pick up small items, whether or not she sits with support and how daycare has affected her well-being.

The Developmental Tool to be used for Asia, Its Reliability, Validity and Asia's Scores

The development tool used for Asia to determine her growth and developmental progress is Peds screening tool. The tool involves completing scores by the provider and written them on a scoring form. It forms also documents the concerns of the parent. The tool has a high degree of inter-examiner and illicit consistency in parents' responses hence highly reliable. Besides, the tool has an over 0.70 discriminate and concurrent validity and shows evidence of predictive validity. Asia's scores on this tool show she is on the right track with her heart, lungs, HEENT, skin, GU, Neurology, neck and lymph being appropriate and in good conditions and as such, she developmentally appropriate for her age.

The Immunizations that Asia Will Receive and the Patient Education and Follow-Up

During the 12-month visit, it will be important to take Asia through a series of tests and vaccines to determine the type of immunization to given during the period. As such, the immunization will include MMR, Hepatitis A, Varicella, Hib and PCV. MMR will protect her against measles, which may cause rash, fever, deafness, blindness and convulsions (Tom, Chen & Zhou, 2014). It also protects against mumps that causes swelling of glands and fever as well as rubella that may lead mild illness. Varicella immunization is essential in protecting children against chickenpox and as such, will be part of Asia's vaccination during the visit. On the other hand, PCV will aid in protecting the child against pneumococcal bacteria. Pneumococcal bacteria cause ear, meningitis and blood infections as well as pneumonia. Finally, Hib vaccination will be critical in protecting Asia from Haemophilus influenzae type b causing severe infections of the blood, bones, brain, skin, and throat.

Mrs. Foster's Advice and Follow-Up

Mrs. Foster will be advised on necessary measures to take to ensure the wellbeing of Asia in fostering her full recovery from Neuroblastoma, possible concerns after immunization to note and the need to prevent the child from colds. Asia will undergo periodic monitoring to assess her further response to therapy and medication. After therapy, treatment and vaccination at this stage, Asia will be given follow-up care and close surveillance for possible recurrent disease or symptoms (Tom, Chen & Zhou, 2014). The follow-up care will include physical examination, urinary catecholamines monitoring and diagnostic imaging to ensure adequate growth and development.


Halfon, N., Stevens, G. D., Larson, K., & Olson, L. M. (2011). Duration of a well-child visit: association with content, family-centeredness, and satisfaction. Pediatrics, 128(4), 657-664.

Tom, J. O., Chen, C., & Zhou, Y. Y. (2014). Personal health record use and association with immunizations and well-child care visits recommendations. The Journal of pediatrics, 164(1), 112-117.

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