Divergent Books Vs Movies

The Newest Movie in the Divergent Series

The newest movie in the Divergent series, "Divergent," is an enthralling adaptation of the popular book series. While the movie's popularity has not matched that of the book's, this film follows the plot of the first book quite closely. The film adaptation, while it condenses some plot points and characters, is still spot-on throughout its action-packed minutes. Whether you're a fan of the Divergent books or a newcomer to the series, the movie is a great choice for the whole experience. That said, however, there are several differences between the two books.

Realistic Portrayal

First, the book is more realistic. In many ways, the movie is a faithful adaptation of the novel. Veronica Roth was an excellent choice for the role of director. She did a great job bringing the book to life in the screenplay, though some aspects were changed to create a more cinematic film. The final fight between Tris and Jeanine and the knife in the eye are just a few of the differences.

The Complicated Divergent Society

The Divergent society is complicated. There are five factions, or ideologies, that make up the society. Despite this, there are also many elements of common culture, such as lighthearted, selfless people, and people who protect the city. These are important distinctions, as they will affect how the movie is perceived. You may want to watch it to be sure, but keep in mind that it's not necessarily a must-see.

Differences in Character Portrayal

Despite the differences in the plot, there are some differences between the books and the movie. While the book portrays the characters as tough and determined, the movie focuses on a few details that are not present in the book. For example, in the book, the members of the Abnegation are referred to as "stiffs" and are not as present in the movie. Similarly, Tris' parents are more likely to hold hands in the film, while in the book, they hold hands. Unlike the movie, Ashley Judd hugs her.

The Movie's Success compared to the Books

Ultimately, the movie was not as successful as the books. The first movie based on the second book, Divergent, made $288 million worldwide and the second movie, Insurgent, brought in another $297 million worldwide. But compared to the multi-billion-dollar franchise The Hunger Games, this was a disaster. Lionsgate/Summit decided to split the Allegiant trilogy into two films, which followed the same money-making template as the Hunger Games and Twilight franchises. Nevertheless, the movie is a risky cash grab. In the end, the movie failed to meet its goals and diverted the book's popularity to the next level.

The Movie vs the Book: Differences and Preferences

If you're a fan of the Veronica Roth books, you can still enjoy the movie despite the differences between the two. As a movie-goer, you might be wondering if the movie version is truly an accurate representation of the novel. The answer will depend on your preferences. Among the differences are the budget, run time, and desire to make the story more exciting and believable. The movie creators may cut or change scenes from the book for reasons of time, budget, and pacing.

Event Variations

The book has several differences from the movie. While the movie features a slightly different version of the events in the book, the main storylines the plot. While Al is not in the book, he does appear in the movie. Tris takes his place in the knife-throwing incident and does not even flinch. After the incident, Molly tells Tris "that was cool," whereas in the book, Molly would not give Tris such a high honor.

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