Definition of Culture

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As described, culture refers to those values of value and the beliefs held by various individuals or a specific community of individuals. Therefore, much of our conduct and way of life is affected by the exchange of these ideals (Sam, 476). The factor of expressing the principles chosen and the theories that endorse it makes a community the foundation of the personality of people. It can also be confirmed by the fact that individuals born and raised in a comparable community have a common personality characteristic that they are portly. In the short story by “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, themes take up the repetitive nature of African-American culture. At the beginning of the story, lots of Mrs. Johnson characterization is brought to the attention of the audience. (Ferdman, 189). The action displayed to show more about Walker’s character take at-large scope the people physical attribute, their symbolic and cultural relation. For example, the companion for Dee’s male has copied the Muslim style and did no more eat collard green and pork meat.

The study of the study of personality has also been discussed by Franz Boas. Boas on this study suggest that culture is the driving force for personality development but not biology (Ely, 250). According to his theory, the cultural revelation, Boas has made a satisfactory provision and understanding of the relationship that exists between the people’s culture and personality.

Finally, according to a renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead, she has put it to the attention of the audience that the culture in a most eastern part of the America has similar values and systems of doing things. She, therefore, concluded that the individuals in this region share common characteristics in their personality.

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