100 Critical Essay Topics for Students

When students get writing assignments, the first thing they should do is find good critical analysis essay topics. Their eventual success depends on this choice, so they must be careful and attentive to details. But difficulties emerge at the very start as lots of young people have no idea what critical analysis is and which topic they should be looking for in the first place. This essay type requires you to analyze a text or an issue, interpret it, and support this interpretation with facts and evidence.

It’s vital to learn how to prove your opinions and how to remain objective despite your personal feelings on the matter. This is going to be extremely useful when you continue to work on other essays and in your life in general, especially when you have arguments with someone. Topics have a big meaning here: we’re going to show you why as well as how to make the best choice.

How to Choose Suitable Critical Essay Topics

Inquiry about topics is one of the most common things students search online. On the one hand, it shows that many of them understand the importance of themes, but on the other, it also proves that making a choice isn’t easy. For tackling this problem, we’ve developed 4 great tips that will guide you through the process of topic selection.

  • Choose passionately. To evaluate something and make your essay compelling, you need to be interested in the topic you’re exploring. It cannot be an issue you don’t care about because if you lack a solid position, there is no point in writing an essay like this. Your readers must feel your passion along with your interest; besides, writing is much more exciting when you know what you’re doing and eagerly want to share your opinion with others.
  • Ensure you have an argument. For example, you found critical analysis topic you like and that you wouldn’t mind exploring. But when you start settling on an interpretation, you realize you don’t have a solid one. The topic might be too broad and generic or too obvious, in no need for close analysis. In this instance, you’ll have to look for some other prompts.
  • Check your bias. Before writing anything, ensure you know how to do that critically. Good critical analysis essay topics are often controversial, and if you can’t stay objective, then you shouldn’t focus on this theme. For instance, if you are exploring Trump’s presidency but you hate him with passion, you might consider changing topics because you won’t be able to assess all of his actions without bias.
  • Collect useful sources. Sources will be essential as you write. When you decided on a topic, start gathering them. Look through databases and online libraries; focus on articles that have DOI and which deal with your theme. They must serve as foundation for your essay. In case you can’t find good sources, you might consider looking for another topic once more.

100 Critical Analysis Topics For Your Essay

Despite suggestions above, making a decision isn’t always easy. You could chase after numerous shapes of topics fruitlessly, unable to settle on one and summon even a shred of inspiration. For such cases, seeing a list like we developed below could be a great decision. Take a look: there are ten big categories with ten diverse topics of all types. If you read through them all, you’re guaranteed to find something to write about.

Education and School Topics

Students are often drawn to critique essay topics related to education. If you are also interested in them, here they are.

  1. Discuss the Importance of Homework in Education
  2. Should Art Be an Obligatory Subject in Educational Establishments?
  3. Implementing Sex Education in Schools: When Should It Be Done & Why?
  4. Colleges With No Tuition: Is It a Possibility in a Country like the USA?
  5. Should Going to School Be a Necessity for Children Regardless of Their Upbringing?
  6. How Do Schools in Poor Districts Differ From Those In Expensive Ones?
  7. Is System of Anti-Bullying Measures in Modern American Schools Effective?
  8. Is There a Specific Kind of Students Who Should Consider Earning Master’s Degree?
  9. Studying in the US vs. Going to Study Abroad?
  10. Is There a Correlation between Getting Education and Finding a Great Job?

Critical Essay on Society and Social Issues

Our world is a tough place with constant conflicts and problems, so there are plenty of critical thinking essay topics that could be analyzed here.

  1. Explain Why the Issue of Homelessness Is Not Resolved Even in Developed Countries
  2. Impact That Abusive Households Have On  Children’s Minds
  3. Are Children Who Grow Up With Single Parents Less Successful Than Those Who Have Both Parents?
  4. Why Is Cheating Done by Males Seen as More Neutral Than When Females Do It?
  5. What Should an Effective Plan Against World Poverty Look Like?
  6. How Racism Is Displayed by Police Officers & What Consequences This Problem Has
  7. Why Is the Problem of Eating Disorders So Prevalent Among Young Females?
  8. Could Obesity Be Viewed as a Real Social Problem?
  9. Why Men Are More Aggressive in Their Communication Methods
  10. Do Beautiful People Have Easier Lives Than Those Who Do Not Correspond to Conventional Beauty Standards?

Personality Critical Essays Topics

People often hold fascination toward other people. If you are interested in discussing your personality or that of someone else, you’ll enjoy critical response essay topics below.

  1. Is Society the Most Important Factor Among Those Affecting People’s Personality?
  2. Why Do People Start Smoking At Progressively Earlier Stages of Life?
  3. How Having Supportive Parents Influences Person’s Confidence Levels
  4. Why Do People with Successful Backgrounds Develop Gaming Addiction
  5. How Do Children Subjected to Corporal Punishments Differ From Those Who Lived in Healthy Families?
  6. Explain How the Concept of Peer Pressure Appeared & What Impacts It Has
  7. How Do Ineffective Teachers Affect Their Young Students’ Desire to Study?
  8. Most Prevalent Addictions Developed by Teenagers: What Are They & What Causes Them?
  9. Discuss Why Pack Mentality Is Dangerous and Which Factors Cause It
  10. Why Children Raised Under the  Same Conditions Often Grow Up to Be Extremely Different

Literature Critical Essay Prompts

How about cultural criticism essay topics? Books are amazing, and writing papers on them could be fun.

  1. What Does the Story Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne Teach Us?
  2. Pick a Favorite Story & Evaluate How Its Overall Atmosphere Has Been Created
  3. Assess How Setting of the Hunger Games Mirrors Our Modern World
  4. Select Any Book About Immigration and Analyze Its Cultural Context
  5. Is There a Link Between Stephen King’s Background & His Works?
  6. How Does J.K. Rowling Make Her Readers Sympathize with Her Characters?
  7. Evaluate Personality of Bella Swan & Why People Love or Hate Her
  8. What Idea Lies Behind War and Peace Novel?
  9. What Elements Make Horror Novels Scary?
  10. Discuss the Idea of Info Dump & How It Affects Books

Entertainment Ideas

In the time of isolation, critical review topics about entertainment are a great way to distract yourself.

  1. Three Most Ways of Entertainment: Discuss Why They are Popular
  2. Why Are Modern Parties Getting More Immoral With Time?
  3. Why Are Documentaries That Are Animal Friendly Show Animal Violence?
  4. Role of Alcohol and Drugs In Modern Entertainment Teenagers Practice
  5. Could Computer Games Be Used for Something Other Than Entertainment?
  6. Reality Shows Are Based on Fake Events and Performance
  7. Why Is Music a Popular Choice Among People?
  8. What Truth Lies Beneath Musical Clips
  9. Writing Stories Is one of the Best Ways of Having Fun
  10. What Makes YouTube Content So Addictive?

Critical Essays Ideas on Nature and Animals

As the world is dying slowly, topics for critical thinking are in endless supply. Try some of these.

  1. Methods We Could Use to Preserve Our Nature
  2. Dogs Being People’s Best Friends: Is This Idea True?
  3. Do Trees Have Their Way to Communicate Their Thoughts?
  4. Why Spending Time Outside Is Soothing for Body and Mind
  5. Where Did Negative Stereotypes About Pigeons Come From & Why?
  6. Why Do People Keep Dangerous Animals as Pets?
  7. Analyze Relationship Between Dogs and Cats from Behavioral Perspective
  8. Are Some Animals Born Bad or Do People Not Know How to Train Them?
  9. Why Are Microbes Dangerous and What Use Do They Bring?
  10. Is Testing on Animals More Unethical or More Beneficial?


All of us are worried about our health in the middle of pandemics. These critical thinking essay topics examples reflect this unfortunate trend.

  1. Analyze Why Health Insurance Should Be Improved
  2. Is Art Therapy a Myth or Reality?
  3. Why Do the Same Drugs Have Different Prices?
  4. Evaluate Whether America Provides Quality Healthcare
  5. What Is More Important, Physical or Mental Health?
  6. Analyze Differences between Various Types of Nurses: Why Do They Exist?
  7. Is Panic Over COVID Blown Out of Proportions?
  8. Is It Possible to Stop People From Abusing Insurance Benefits?
  9. Why Do People Buy Drugs When They Do Not Need Them?
  10. How Does Mother’s Smoking During Pregnancy Affect Child’s Development?

Movies and TV Prompts

You can always look through good critical thinking topics in the sphere of fiction. Completing an essay on your favorite movie or TV show sounds fund and easy!

  1. Which Books Are Chosen For Being Turned Into Movies?
  2. When Did the Idea of Humor In Movies Become Vulgar?
  3. Why Are Art House Movies Considered Niche?
  4. Why Musicals Attract the Audience?
  5. Select Any Movie From Any Decade: What Does It Reveal About Culture Of Those Times?
  6. Analyze Which Movies Can Expect to Get Oscars?
  7. Why Are Remakes of Older Movies Created?
  8. Analyze How Women Are Portrayed in Media These Days
  9. Dissect the Issue of Queerbaiting in TV Shows: What Is Its Purpose?
  10. Why Is ‘Hannibal’ Such a Vastly Misunderstood Show?


Analyzing the past is often fascinating, so pick any critical thinking topic from this category.

  1. Take Country with the Longest History: How Did It Manage to Exist for So Long?
  2. How Accurate Are Modern Historical Movies?
  3. Where Did Hitler Go Wrong When Creating His Nazi Ideology?
  4. What Caused USSR to Fall Apart
  5. Pick Any Historical Documentary & Evaluate How Accurate It Is
  6. Why Do People Say That America Is Built on Blood?
  7. Analyze History of Your Hometown: What Caused Its Success/Failure?
  8. Do People Learn From Mistakes of Their Ancestors?
  9. Which War Could Be Considered the Bloodiest & Why?
  10. Analyze How Media Shapes People’s Views on History

Critical Essay Ideas on Environment

Are you worried about our environment? If you do, these topics for critical thinking could fit the bill.

  1. Evaluate a Specific Way of Fighting Pollution
  2. Why Do People Continue to Use Plastic Despite Its Destructiveness?
  3. Can All People Be Forced to Fight for Environment?
  4. Discuss How and Why Environmentalism Started
  5. Describe GMO and Provide Critical Analysis on Its Impacts
  6. What Could Replace Pesticides With Modern Technologies?
  7. Is Green Ideology Sustainable in a Long-Term Perspective?
  8. Why Do Some Individuals Not Believe in Global Warming?
  9. Is There a Real Way to Stop Global Warming?
  10. How Does Capitalism Affect the Environment?

Adjust Your Critical Essay Topic Ideas and Make Writing Fun

We hope you found a topic to your liking in the list we offered above! Adjust it as you see fit until it suits the essay plan you have in mind, and then start your research. When you’re writing about something you truly enjoy, you’ll see many other positive changes: time will fly faster, the grade will be higher, and your overall enjoyment will increase by a lot! In case essay still gives you troubles, consider finding assistance online. Share your request with us, and you’ll get a response within a minute. We will happily provide you with an individual supply of critical analysis paper topics or complete an essay for you by your deadline. Just tell us what you require and it’ll be done!

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