Essay On The Cask of Amontillado

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The cask of Amontillado is ashort story written by Edgar Allan Poe, and its basis is on Gothic conventions that include the oppressiveness and the thriller to create terror. However, human beings are used to convey the gothic conventions rather than having supernatural elements. The Gothic literature inflicts terror on its audience due to some occurrences. Montresor and Fortunato journey the dark side of the crypt. “The walls of the crypt consisted of a lineup of human remains, three facets of the interior were still decorative in this manner, and there was a display of bones on the walls”. The journey to locate the Amontillado is aggrieved with fear, and Montresor plans to revenge by murdering Fortunato. Besides, the mystery is also displayed where the male characters are filled with anger and revenge, and Montressor murders Fortunator in a slow but painful experience ever. Montresor ties the latter with the chain and constructs a wall to cover him up. “He completed the eighth, ninth and tenth tier and plastered the last single stone” (Edgar 143). Fortunato takes it as a joke, but Montressor leaves him to die.

Question 2

Montressor creates suspense in the story because of the way he behaves at first. He plans to revenge after Fortunator has done bad things to him but he keeps it secret. At first, he lures Fortunato to drinking wine, and it makes him feel secure for some time. “He had a weak point –this Fortunato – although he was a respected man and feared, he placed his pride on wine” (Edgar 138). Montressor pretends to be a good friend as he leads Fortunato down the catacombs. Therefore, it brings suspense since the reader can imagine that the two men are friends and they are just out for a walk to explore the supernatural walls of the crypt. After Fortunato becomes drunk, Montressor ties him against the wall and says “Rest in peace brother” (Edgar 145). It can seem to be a joke since it is unexpected that after such a talk and drinking moment, Montressor would leave him to die. Fortunato thinks it is a trick, but before he becomes sober, Montresor has already plastered the last stone. The character is then attributed to the writer since he keeps the reader in suspense, and it is difficult to predict what may happen next.

Work Cited

Poe, Edgar Allan. The Cask of Amontillado. The Creative Company, 2008, pp. 137-146.

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