Communications and Media

The Usage of Online Platforms for Networking

The usage of online platforms to develop networks has increased in recent years. Currently, both social and professional media use is prevalent. Sharing contact information with family and friends via social networking is done via the internet. Professional networks, on the other hand, provide forums for professional contacts ranging from potential employers to potential consumers.

Professionalism in the Media

Professionalism in the media is essential on professional platforms. The program includes a multimedia résumé cache where users can introduce themselves to possible suitors. Users on the platforms utilize eye-catching professional names for their enterprises and profiles that communicate information about their intended purpose. It includes their years of service and experience in the field. The uploaded description being a short resume, users maximize their marketing skills to build potential connections (Donelan). They avoid happy and relaxed tones rather spotlight seriousness and leadership. In addition to that, these platforms give avenues to develop businesses and professional associations. The audience involved is made up of businesspeople and clients who are seeking to expand their business. Job seekers use the opportunity to market themselves and hence explore a chance to better their careers (Viginia Fernandez-Perez).

The Nature of Social Media Platforms

On the contrary, the seriousness in social media platform is minimal. Social media is a relaxed platform where users connect with friends and family. The choice of names usually is real names together with some funny nicknames that friends and family quickly identify. In addition to that, the platform also gives avenues to meet potential friends who share the same opinions. On these platforms, one can share whatever is on your mind regardless of the fear of being judged since the mood involved is friendly. Other users use social platforms to find potential mates and start dating (Cohen). Therefore, the platform provides suitors for seeking relationships with. However, social platforms can also be used to market potential employees and businesses. However, the potential audience shall remain mainly family and friends and hence low quality of professionalism.

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