Communication in Nursing Practice

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In a nursing environment, contact is no doubt necessary. In order to ensure good results, effective contact between patients and nurses plays an essential role. This can, however, be done only if, by demonstrated compassion, honesty, and courtesy, the nurses recognize and assist their patients. In all facets of nursing and all its interventions, contact is important. The entire healing process can only be completed by conversation with unique verbal communication abilities. Communication helps both patients and nurses to express their worries to each other, without which medical mistakes are likely to occur. Good communication facilitates patient’s autonomy. Techniques such as infer autonomy and active listening makes the patient comfortable in sharing some of the difficult information (Kourkouta, Lambrini, and Ioanna 24). Secondly, it creates a non-judgmental environment, which facilitates effective communication. Thirdly, good communication makes the nurse to have a holistic view of the patient. It becomes easy to deal with the network of family and friends that are connected to the patient.

Primarily, nurses spend their day communicating with patients (Arnold, Elizabeth, and Kathleen 71). Other people that nurses have to deal with include healthcare colleagues, family members and friends of the patient. Sometimes the nurses need information from these people to make diagnostic decisions. The nurse should have the skills and sincere intentions to fathom the patient’s concerns. Also, the nurses should have a good communication understanding with the colleagues. This is essential for making consultation about a patient’s problem. This is one of the attributes of responsible nursing practice.

Ineffective communication can result in the lack of patient engagement and adherence plans. At times, it has led to misdiagnosis and even loss of lives. There ought to be the mobilization of all senses and attention between the two parties. Communication breakdown in a nursing environment creates inadequate nursing care. Studies show a lack of proper care in hospitals is the primary cause of readmission and complication after discharge (Blais 34). Many medical errors and adverse events are because of ineffective communication between the nurse and the patient. The nursing profession needs more than just scientific knowledge. It also requires intellectual, interpersonal, and technical skills. This will help enhance the relationship with the patients.

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