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Communication refers to the reaction of human beings to signals. This is the reaction to the normal actions of other people. Relation is a continuous mechanism that requires an answer to an utterance. For example, if complemented by a friend of yours to make a dazzling appearance. We explore the perception of self-concept and the culture of communication. This is important because it has an effect on the contact response. For example, if you’re sure you’re lucky enough to be on stage. The purpose of the paper is to provide an analysis of communication and the factors that affect communication.
Contact is also necessary to meet physical needs. Evidence indicates that the Therefore, communication is essential in satisfying physical needs. Evidence suggests that the absence of satisfaction of communication can affect life. Research done indicates that wide range of health hazards increasing because of lack of close relationship. Terminal cancer, for instance, strikes people who have isolated themselves from social life. Pregnant women also who have stress and lack support get a complication (Purkey 34). Socially isolated people have a high susceptibility to common cold than an active person. When people lack healthy relationship, they have three times risk of dying early.

On that note, communication enables us to survive and thrive. It is through this that we learn who we are. We develop a sense of identity through interacting with others. If communication is depriving off, then there would not be any sense of identity. Scholars argue that we are more attracted to people whom we understand their status. This assurance comes by the self-image of the person communicating. People who have a high self-esteem look for those people who appreciate their value.

Indeed communication is vital because of what it serves. It is through dialogue that we tell a hair stylist to take a little of the sides to perfect the look. To the doctor to whom we explain where it hurts. In addition, to the plumber where the pipe is broking thus communication is practical and efficient. For instance, college roommates who are willing to communicate, report high satisfaction. Married couples who communicated were reported to be much happier (Purkey 34). At times, we are faced with the inability to communicate appropriately and end up in disarray.

Indeed, there is the self-concept and perception influence in communication. Self-concept is how you feel and think about yourself. This feeling comes up when we are communicating with others. If we feel shy in front of other people, then we may unlikely express. The self-concept has based the culture and community you belong to (Purkey 34). Cultures tell what is right by its defining morals and beliefs. It also explains what kind of behavior they expect from you. Preferable you must live up to this expectation. That will portray how you see yourself and cling to it. If you grow up in town, the influence will be from a small group of people. Contrary to a city where there would be more influences from the peer groups.

For instance, the case of Tarzan to bring the concept of reflected appraisals into understanding. Tarzan was a human being but believed he was an ape. That is because he grew up among apes and no human experience (Purkey 36). This story reminds us that we are not born with identity instead, others give it to us. Parents and teachers tell us who we are through their reflected appraisals. Majority of these reflections come up due to what people say about us. For instance, your college speech may prove you as a right speaker. Similar to that your peers may say you are a great friend, and your coach telling you to work harder. All those messages assist in creating an individual self-concept.

It is definite that we compare ourselves to others to measure. People compare themselves to peers to look as good as they are. In your job, you may examine if you are working as hard as your colleagues (Purkey 37). As well as in college you will want to attain good grades as well as your college mates do. You will want your boss also to recognize you in your job through praises. For many years, people have complained against Barbie dolls against the image they give on how women look. If a woman as to look like Barbie then she would have a small waist and large breasts. If your friend drives a nice car, you will also want to fit into that cycle.

There is the issue of self-perception this comes from personal experiences. How one thinks mostly comes from how people react towards you. Valerie Wiener says is of the opinion that teenagers are looking inward at themselves and peering outward at others. They weight whether the thought of others and attitudes works on them. If you have experiences that help in achieving what you need, you feel positive of yourself (Ratey 34). The probability of you to be succeeding will enable you to do the given task. When there is contrary believes your commitment in succeeding reduces. The state of your mind ultimately affects how you will perform a duty. When you are discouraged in playing music, you will lose the interest of pursuing music. Thus, motivation towards a goal will aid in one’s enthusiasm to explore it.

The support and approval that we are familiar with people and their ideas are essential. Psychologist Abraham Maslow explained the concept of self-fulfillment. He pins pointed the need for safety and growth pulls individuals to opposite direction. He believed that to grow, you must leave the safe areas and take a psychological risk. That is by taking a chance on something that is new to you. That is trying to know somebody else and his or her own opinions. It thus improves a person’s self-concept because you embrace new ideas (Purkey 34). When students go to school, they leave the home safety and take risks. For instance, when studying in college, your religious believes may be threatened by philosophy course. If you are challenging, you may refuse to go to church.

Putting Robin Luo`s experience into consideration he gives an idea of how cultures shape communication. We encounter many people with different cultures without even traveling. That is because we are in the global village and thus interact with various people. For instance, the sons of immigrants may be entangling in American culture. At the same time identifying themselves with customs of their parent`s homeland. Such scenario of co-cultures brings change in communication patterns (Singelis 70). Membership to co-cultures is a source of pride enrichment and individual’s identity. Nevertheless, when you face stigmatization becoming a member will not make you satisfied. Recognized members of groups that are underrepresented are disadvantaged in jobs opportunities.

Salience is how much one is attached to cultural norms and practices. For instance, if a group of preschool children are playing in the park. They will not recognize that their parents may come from distinct countries. In that regard, we will not say that intergroup communication is taking place (Singelis 71). Only when there is parental discipline then the children will identify their difference. A wife and husband raised in different religion make little difference. They then view themselves as similar, it is when they meet with their families then they understand the differences.

Members of an athletic team comprising of Asian American and African American play together. During the match cultural differences are not significant instead winning is the key (Singelis 71). When they interact with each other, they will notice some cultural differences. We all have a different culture that divides us. These aspects we are aligning to affect our self-concept. Through this also we can understand and appreciate other cultures.

Members of collectivist have no public ego because of the fight for personal accomplishment. Chinese describe themselves as lower than what they are. They may be excellent, but assumptions can mislead. Americans may mistake that humble people lack confidence. People from corporate cultures will tend to judge Americans as self-centered. Differences in perceptions influence the level of comfort when one is communicating (Ratey 39). For instance, Koreans show conflict avoidance in front of individual cultures such as the Americas. Cultures play an essential role in understanding the perspectives of other people. When raised in an individual culture you do not consider others opinions. Collective cultures believe the views and ideas of others.

It is recommended that you should know your self-concept. With this understanding, you can overcome fear and communicate. Cultures hold us to strict expectations and at certain times enslave us. It is vital to take a risk and try to do new things, you then discover new ideas (Singles 69). We should not allow ourselves to believe in what others say about us. If we stick to contrary views, we may end up not achieving our goals. When we are exposed to other communities, we should understand their differences. We then use that to interact and share our opinions. Meeting up with new cultures enlightens one’s way of communicating. It is when we meet with the global village, where we fight fear and engage. Opportunities such as singing enable us to develop the self-concept.


Indeed communication is vital in sharing ideas and opinions. It is a fact that self-concept affects communication. That believe we have about ourselves can change our attitude. Cultural diversification develops our connection through socialization. Communications is jeopardized by factors such as social comparison. To overcome all this, we should be open to new ideas and believe in one self.

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