Collective intelligence meaning

Collective intelligence is the pooled knowledge that results from teamwork, cooperative efforts, and the competitiveness of multiple individuals involved in decision making. It is clear to see how the web has revolutionized every operation in buying and media consumption, and how collective intelligence has begun to improve decision making.

Efforts to tap the collective intelligence on the internet come in a variety of flavors. In certain circumstances, it occurs without persons' knowledge (James, 1). It is the result of decisions. The most apparent example would be Google search. This search engine's page rank algorithm is based on web-aggregated links. Upon the click, the engine is made even better. Similarly, bookmarks can be equally labeled for own purposes.

The attempt of tapping people’s collective judgment is somehow self-evident. Thinking an example of Wikipedia, some platforms let an individual use collective sense to guide their activities. It is important to realize that collective intelligence is not just something happening in the own brain, it also arises in a group people’s minds. In fact, collective intelligence is thus defined as groups of persons collaborating in an intelligent manner. Through the definition, it suggests that collective intelligence has been in place for quite a long time. Examples of groups that are working somehow in an intelligent manner include companies, families, countries and other prominent organizations.

It is also very possible for people to work stupidly, and it is possible just as collective intelligence. Understanding what one works for and the need for the group to know what they work for are the conditions leading to collective intelligence but not collective stupidity. It is reported that the collective form of behavior has existed for an extended period. The essay aims to discuss the collective intelligence of improved search project in the Facebook community. It seems that Facebook can help the members, communities, and networks to be more visible and increase their thinking opportunity, feelings, learning and even group action. It, therefore, brings us to two great questions; what are the current applications in facebook the help the individuals in cultivating the wisdom and collective intelligence? And secondly what is the new innovative app that helps in boosting the collective intelligence?

In the beginning, improved search in facebook aimed to challenge news product by the giant social platform of Twitter, as well, it was a move designed purposely to attack Google core business. When a story is happening around the globe, people turn to Facebook to get updated on the current reactions of families and friends. The search was updated to I add to the friends and family reactions; individuals can also find word's say on the most critical topic. For a while, the Facebook search has been able to surface the old contents, which allows early posts to be traced. However, individuals who don't need to appear on the search can opt to make their posts private.

According to facebook, search results are personalized, and this means that the users will be able to find public conversations through the use of a shared link. The individual can as well check an aggregate view of the sentiment. While the search project failed to introduce new advertisement features, the new search function came up with a few possibilities such as opening the door to taking advertising shares from Google. Google is the current dominator of the advertisements thus capturing all the search revenue arising from the ads. Therefore, the facebook search makes the users able to trace the old contents and so the posts that were made years ago can be found (Arjun, 2).

The growth of facebook’s improved search relies on the users of the social network through continuous posting of the public contents. A thorough analysis reveals that the project is likely to wean people from using the Google search. Many people are used to Google search, but the primary concern is the extent to which facebook adds the value or substitute the product.

Rise of improved facebook search

Facebook started as a social site, but at the moment, it's growing into a fully fledged operating system where there is an interconnection between friends and experiences both inside and outside the facebook (Brian, 1). In the year 2007, it was said that facebook would act as a personal homepage for the private brands. At the center of all the things, some individuals play the crucial role. Facebook thus started as a platform where the association provides the construct aspects of information commerce. Interaction and education set the stage representing dealings where people share and consume social media contents. As well, its the platform offering the sandbox for the development of social architecture. Facebook was started as an interconnection that weaves the fabrics of human relationships. Due to the growing popularity of the facebook search, uncountable number of websites work in integration with facebook platform.

Therefore, face book came into rising due to its due to its networking nature and eventually got attracted to a bigger audience. Just like the other social sites, it permits the users to create their profiles through entering the demographic details by themselves. The users are as well allowed to connect with their distant friends and family members. Additionally, facebook has a feature that enables the users to ask questions about their worries and find out the interrelationship between the involved persons.

Facebook has become known to many people since it has remained committed to providing privacy. The querying system applies a few principles, such as demanding the facebook user to log in before permitting questions. The facebook questioning system works better if the user is connected to the friends. In overall, the system has a good history in providing transparency and controls the persons accessing the user’s information. In ensuring the transparency, facebook ensures that the information that is stored ensure the building of tools that ensure control of such information.

Empowerment limits

Facebook provides a platform for millions of users, the success is attributed to the nature of the social platforms. At the moment, marketers are making it possible to convert their adverts from facebook to Instagram. Facebook provides an integration that empowers the users in the following ways;

Facebook search optimizes intelligence that is more suitable to use by the marketers. The facebook uses can use the insights in driving most conversions and their clients (Erin, 4). Secondly, the facebook search solves the problem of advertising thus providing end to end facebook calls for adverts between the marketers and their customers. Thirdly, the use of facebook empowers the use of pages to facilitate customer support through private messages. At the moment, facebook is offering pages that provide an optional messaging system through which the complaints are dressed. Through the use of messenger, facebook aims to provide customer support through the use of phones. Thus, business pages have been providing messages to the users of the walls. Previously, only one route was used in replying to the customer. However, a different response pathway can be used to respond to the customer. Use of one channel provides convenience to the clients.

Communities served by facebook

Facebook aims to serve the social community. Currently, facebook targets new corporate services. Not so long ago, the workers were prohibited from accessing their confines in the facebook platform. However, times are changing, and the analysts are strategizing on how to use facebook at the workplace. The social site provides part of the trend in which the organizations try greater employee involvement. The employees are provided with an engagement vehicle that is used for the communication purposes. The platform can as well fare secret files, and create groups where the workers can share common issues. At the facebook, workers can also form collaborations in which workers can discuss important messages. All the characteristics of association are shown in facebook community.

Group of the same interest is another community that is served by facebook (Madeline, 2). The social site is attempting to persuade its users into joining groups through introducing the leaders meaningful to these groups. In the previous years, facebook has planned to increase membership of the group participants through approving posts and the group suggestions. The members are supposed to sort the group requests using the location. The goals of facebook are increasing membership to groups and provide connection to the meaningful communities. Group administrators who participate in building strong communities are entitled to rewards. The platform also provide services to the spouses. The connected users spend much time posting, liking, and even giving their views. Facebook users use the social sites for a variety of reasons that are still valued be the facebook communities.

Before an improved search on facebook platform, the users never had the opportunity to express their voice in the public forums. Back in time, people did not post anything in facebook. Moreover, there has been a decline in personal updates among the users, and this provides a major concern for the online communities (Erin, 2). The social site is the place where users are compelled to provide meaningful information such as announcements and engagements. It is important to realize that provision of personal updates was a big problem. While increasing the professional content in corporate services is gradual, many companies have accepted it.

The excluded

Facebook advertising systems allow the exclusion of specific groups through ethnic screening. For example, the newspaper can offer the advertisers a choice of placing copies that only reach a certain race (Julia, 1). The social site not only allows the marketers to target their users but also gives them the ability to exclude certain groups of their choice. Ethical affinities are people excluded from use of a social platform on the racial basis, gender or other factors. For example, an ad can target house hunting members; the marketers can exclude any individual with Africa American race.

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