Case Study: The Case of the Missing Raise

When Marsha was not given her fair part of the wage increase

She felt misled by Fred. As can be seen, she was the greatest and top performer when it came to presenting papers and receiving positive feedback from the students. She deserved the greatest compensation because she was the only one who had met all of these requirements; nevertheless, this did not occur. The problem she confronts if she makes the correct decision to leave her job after the ordeal is that she will find it difficult to find another employment the same year because she previously turned down better-paying offers. And the similar chance would wait for a whole year.


Fred adjusts the inequities that had occurred in his faculty over the years at the expense of those who deserve to be awarded justly. He awarded the highest salary increment, 9+ percent, to two senior members of the faculty, yet they were nowhere in the list of top performers like Marsha. Fred could have made a right decision of awarding Marsha as she deserved it, but he chose not to do as he faced the threat of being seen as unfair and inconsiderate for not settling the past inequities.


The Dean was on who requested the department chairpersons to distribute the percentage pay raise differently by performance merit. He could have made a good decision by encouraging fair and equal distribution of the pay rise among all the staff. However, he was faced with the thread that if he supported equitable distribution, then some team would not have worked hard towards professional growth and development of the department's life and the University as at large.

Question 2: How the Scenario Is Likely to Affect Future Performance of The Department

The departmental performance is likely to demeaning over the next year. First, the staff, especially those who received lower pay increase became demoralized and thus likely to be reluctant especially when they feel that they have no chances of being the best performance to qualify for the salary increment. Secondly, top performers like Marsh would be unfairly rewarded are likely not to give their all as they look for better jobs where justice is observed. Thirdly, the dean and Fred are now considered unjust due to unequal distribution of the rewards, which would attract negativity which would in term result in poor performance.


What I Would Do Next as The Dean

If I were the Dean, I would make it my responsibility to do a follow-up and ensure that the department chairpersons diligently followed the set rules of awarding pay rises on merits of performance and nothing less than that.

Two Alternative Courses of Action

First, I would ensure that instead of initiating a different pay rise for the employees as a measure of their performance; I would introduce a bonus system where the best would be awarded bonuses instead of a higher percentage pay than their colleagues. Secondly, the best performer would be promoted to more senior ranks rather than just increasing their wage.

The Best Recommendation

Of the courses mentioned above of action, the bonus system is the most preferred. This is because fixed salary pay increase would be awarded on an equal basis among all employees, hence no one would feel left out. Secondly, the bonus would encourage employees to work hard since it would be an annual thing where everyone stands equal chances to receive it.

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