Braveheart Movie Review

Mel Gibson's "Braveheart"

Mel Gibson directed "Braveheart," a period film with plenty of violence and blood, slit throats, and impaled bodies. The movie's music, composed by James Horner, adds to its powerful atmosphere. The production design is by Tom Sanders. The film's cast includes Mel Gibson as William Wallace, Sophie Marceau as Princess Isabelle, Patrick McGohan as Hamish, and Catherine McCormack as Murron.

A Quasi-True Account

"Braveheart" is a quasi-true account of the conviction of one man to seek revenge against a powerful English king. King Edward II had murdered his first wife and father, and this inspired a small Scottish province to rebel and wage war in its own real-life fight for independence. The movie is a stirring tale of the human spirit, rising above odds and fighting for justice and dignity. It's a must-see for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a hero.

Mel Gibson's Performance

Mel Gibson's performance as William Wallace is the film's greatest strength, but many fans were left cold by the lack of historical accuracy. Though the movie was made in the mid-20th century, the events depicted are hardly true. The movie depicts every emotion, from lust to jealousy, from lust to rage. In addition to this, the film also features an insightful socio-hierarchical analysis of human nature.

An Epic Romance

Despite the film's complex historical context, Braveheart is also an epic romance. Mel Gibson plays William Wallace, a Scottish national hero, who became legendary after his wife was murdered by English troops. Wallace's passion for freedom led him to lead a bloody campaign against the English. However, the English failed to defeat him, and Wallace was imprisoned and tried for treason. Nevertheless, Wallace remained undeterred by the English, and eventually became an international hero.

Fighting for Freedom

The movie's main theme is men fighting for freedom. This is illustrated in two major ways: first, through the battle scenes between Wallace and the English. Second, through the famous torture scene in which Wallace withstands English torture by shouting the word 'Freedom', we can understand the main theme of the movie. Lastly, as the movie concludes with an inspiring speech by William Wallace, the film also makes us think about the meaning of freedom.

Flaws and Conclusion

"Braveheart" has a number of flaws. While Mel Gibson is a great actor, his portrayal of the character is deeply affecting. Wallace is a romantic and warrior with a sly sense of humor. The film is also visually stunning, with gorgeous cinematography and a rich score by James Horner. This review will be brief, as I can't give away too many spoilers.

The cast is outstanding, especially Angus Macfadyen as Robert the Bruce. The soundtrack is heartfelt and moving. Its cinematography is excellent and the details are well worth paying attention to. Even though most viewers are not Scots, they will be able to find a little bit of themselves in this movie. It's a good movie to see if you're a fan of historical epics.

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