This film begins with a lot of tension at the US Embassy in Tehran, where US officials are compelled to destroy any possible documents as Iranian radicals begin to clamber over the gate (Jenkins& Tricia 87). However, the American forces employ smoke grenades and tear gas in vain to disperse the throng, but the militants eventually gain inside as the situation spirals out of control (Mendez, & Baglio 200).  The movie Argo (2012) is trying to show with no exception a" Hollywoodize" Iranian Hostage Crisis event which received mixed receptions and is controversial on how the event gets portrayed. (Jenkins, Tricia 87) Furthermore, a lot of critics are made for the authenticity and accuracy of how the event is portrayed. Ben Affleck who is the director of the film chose to add "drama" and manipulate the actual game so as to catch a wider audience (Mendez & Baglio 200). The film focuses on showcasing how powerful C.I.A and An American government is the government of Canada portrayed played a minor role in the movie, and other states were not mentioned. Hence with the mixed reception the film received, it creates the understanding of the crisis in Iran on how that event better understands the role of government in the cinema and is shown amongst states: New Zealand, British, and Canada (Niemi & Robert 500).
The rule number one in any deception operation is to comprehend kind of audience you have, is the first lesson that people in public should learn from the film. Public needs to know who its audience is and that target is the priority in the mission. How to sell a lie is another message send to the public. In the film of Argo, some humor emanates from the business of lying both to the clandestine world of C I A spy secrecy in the movie business of the crooked Hollywood. The resemblance between those two items is surprisingly uncanny and thought-provoking when glanced side by side (Mendez and Baglio 200).
The third lesson that the public learns from the film of Argo (2012) is putting your life on the line for responsibility. The government is seemed not giving up to its people. (Jenkins, Tricia 87)Moreover, a leader and a neighbor are seen risking their livelihood and safety to give comfort to strangers that need their help. However, movie moguls that put wealth aside to assist their state are noticed. Furthermore, there is a determined man that sticks his neck out have the trust of those in his control (Mendez and Baglio 200). The film entertains the public where buy it tells the public whereby it tells the true story of Canadians, Hollywood, and the CIA saved the day by working together to salvage the six Americans out of Tehran during the dark days of Iran hostage crisis.

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