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From the results of my self-evaluation mission, it is clear that the Nun analysis is important. I have found from the findings and the results of the nun research that most of the health issues I face are self-deniance and inactivity. This is because in my life I have had some health issues. I rarely have health problems during my leave or off working season, however, because I indulge in physical activity. Comparing this to the nun study, I have concluded that, my self-assessment is connected to the nun study in the context that, lack of physical activeness can lead to health issues. The implications of this are that, keeping the body active will significantly do away with related diseases as heart diseases, mobility and memory loss.

From the video, I can engage in activities that will improve my wellness and longevity. To start with is that I could implement strategies that will dictate that I read a lot during my free time as a way of keeping my mind active and refreshed. It will significantly engage my mind in ensuring that I steam off the stressors of work and other life-related events. Therefore, my brain cells will be kept active and reduce the probability of memory loss and disease attacks. In addition to this, I will engage myself in simple physical tasks specifically loop jumping. Through this activity, I will be physically fit as far as body structure and muscles are concerned. I will, therefore, stretch my muscles and enhance blood flow thereby reducing the likelihood of heart diseases and other health complications that might arise from inactiveness of the body. By engaging in these activities, I believe that I will be advancing my wellness and longevity.

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