The Relationship Between Play and Games

Play is the theoretical form of learning where ideologies restrict one’s behavior and identity. Play is usually perceived to be a deviation from a commitment to social relationships (Landreth, 2011). The society labels play in adulthood while play associates with happiness in childhood.  Researchers analyze play beyond the specifications of...

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Concept of Aging

Aging is basically the process of getting older. Aging is associated with every living thing that is mortal including humans, animals, and fungi. The number of people above the age of 65 years in the United States is projected to be around 60 million and is projected to grow by...

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Agency's Role in Supporting the Elderly

The aging in the social experience some challenges that limit them from leading normal lives and living to achieve their objectives of life in an enabling environment. We visited the Harnett County Department on Aging which is a governmental Agency for the Aging in the society to get an insight...

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Randomized factorial trial of falls prevention among older people living in their own homes by Day

The study that is being described is a randomized factorial trial of fall prevention in elderly home-owners. It was designed to evaluate the efficacy of three fall prevention treatments (group exercise, home hazard management, and vision improvement) and explore how they interact with one another. An experiment using both control and...

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Elderly Activities Log

As people age, social involvement enhances health. (Cherry et al., 2013). There are numerous things that go on when elderly people interact. In conversations over food and stories, the elderly interact with others. Other things that seniors will participate in as a sign of socialization include group singing, exercise, and...

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Depression among the elderly

Although it is a prevalent issue, depression in the elderly is not a typical aspect of aging. Despite having more illnesses and physical issues, many seniors are content, according to some research. (Behm et al., 2014). Depression is different from the typical bluesy or depressed feeling. It's a typical but...

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Pain management in older adults

Horgas A.L., Yoon S.L., and Grall M. Pain treatment, edited by Boltz M, Capezuti E, Fulmer T, and Zwicker D. (s). Geriatric nursing procedures based on evidence for optimum practice. Springer Publishing Company, New York (NY), 4th ed., pp. 246-67, 2012. This guideline replaces an earlier version: AL Horgas, SL Yoon....

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high number of older patients

Because of the prevalence of lifestyle diseases and the rise in chronic disease rates among the elderly, there is a large number of older patients who rely on long-term care facilities. Health status deterioration among patients cared for in long-term facilities is widespread owing to a range of variables such...

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Person-centered Communication with an Older Person

Nursing makes an important contribution to the health and well-being of the elderly. Nurses are involved in ensuring that older people's healthcare and social needs are met in a timely, appropriate, and efficient manner. Nurses employ clinical judgment to assist older people in maintaining, improving, recovering, and coping with health-related...

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Rising Demand for Long-term Services and Supports for Elderly People

The aging population faces numerous issues, and they rely on healthcare practitioners to help them overcome them. Most studies and academic papers reveal that middle-aged people and older adults confront the same health-related issues (Siegler et al., 2015). Nonetheless, there are dangerous health issues that only affect the elderly and...

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USA facing a rapidly aging population

The United States, like other industrialized countries, is dealing with a rapidly aging population, with projections putting the number of individuals over 65 at 81.7 million by 2050. While seniors currently account for 15% of the total population in the United States, this proportion is expected to climb to around...

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growing burden of depression

While depression has afflicted all segments of the population, elderly persons over the age of 65 continue to be the most affected. The viewpoint is reinforced by current statistics, which show that, despite accounting for only 12.6% of the American demographic profile, the elderly account for 20% of suicide deaths...

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