Administration Schedule for Mr. C. Diagnosis

The functional health pattern mentioned here is based on Mr. C., a 32-year-old single male who works at a catalog telephone center. Gordon's Functional Health Patterns are used to analyze elements that will decide whether he is a candidate for bariatric surgery for his obesity (Eisenheauer).

Mr. C. considers his health to be great, considering that prior medical assessments have revealed no signs of metabolic disease. Medicines prescribed for his peptic ulcers make him convinced that he has control over his health. He only questions his obesity status as he has always been heavy since a young age. His employment is mostly involved with sitting down that presents the risk of developing cardiovascular disease due to the limited movement.

Nutritional-Metabolic Pattern

Report by Mr. C. shows that he takes three main meals a day and takes a snack before bedtime. Given the diagnosis of peptic ulcers, he ensures that he does not go on an empty stomach. This can be a measure to control his ulcer disease. However, the risk that is faced here can lead to obesity. The eating pattern is partly controlled. Snacking has been associated with an increase in glucose levels and eating disorders that leads to weight disorders which include obesity.

Activity exercise pattern

Mr. C. spends most of his time not in motion. Exercising, in this case, is not in play. Research has it that exercise keeps the heart working steadily reducing the risk of heart disease, obesity and maintains mobility (Dirksen).

Sleep/Rest Pattern

Mr. C. suffers from sleep apnea. Lack of rest profoundly affects body metabolism that increases the risk of being overweight.

Coping/Stress Pattern

Mr. C. has always felt heavy. His overweight creates stress which highly likely contributes to his high blood pressure. Moreover, the much work at his job place is a significant contribution to increase his stress levels.


Mr. C. is to be put up for the bariatric surgery to control his obesity. Initial steps to be considered is checking on his health pattern and lifestyle.


Dirksen, Sharon L.Lewis & Shannon Ruff. "Medical-Surgical Nursing:Assessment and Management ofClinical patterns." 2012. 912-100.

Eisenheauer, LA. and Murphy,M.A. Functional Health Patterns . New York, 1998.

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