A Speech about Winston Churchill

In the family of the dukes of Marlborough in 1874, on 30 November and in 1965 on 24 Jan, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was born.

He was an official of the British government and served as Prime Minister between 1940 and 1945 and also in the UK between 1951 and 1955. He served as an officer also in the British army. The author and historian were both Churchill. He was awarded the Nobel Literature Prize in 1953 because of his lifetime of work. Ten years later, he was made an voluntary citizen of the United States of America, and in this case, he was the first out of eight people who have ever been awarded honorary citizenship in the United States.

Description of Winston Churchill rise to Leadership Success

He was born in a prominent political family. From a tender age, his aim was to make favorable changes in those areas where his father had failed. He fully developed his leadership skills in the time he was serving in the military. After attending the Royal Military College, he got on a military career, and his abilities were seen here. He also got in the parliament when he was 26 years old. Moreover, his skills sharpened when he was appointed in the Royal Navy as the First Lord of Admiralty at the outbreak of the WWII. After this, he joined politics and his skills sharpened more after serving numerous senior roles in many overseas missions. Later, after becoming the minister, he organized air defense war that defeated the Battle of Mussolini's Italy and Britain. This acts amongst many others made Churchill rise in leadership success.

Churchill Leadership Qualities

Churchill demonstrated various leadership qualities. He was a transformational and a charismatic leader. It is because he communicated his vision in a more expressive manner. For instance, his strong communication skills helped in the crisis of the WWII by inspiring people which brought success. The other character is that he was a prominent leader and also sometimes he was an outspoken critic. He was sometimes accused of being a warmonger because he foresaw war coming to the UK. Churchill was also a passionate leader who dedicated himself to his country. For example, he was determined in winning all wars. Notably, Churchill was a visionary leader because he was not shy to show it to his followers. He had clear goals, and he brought powerful ideas which were used in times of adversity and chaos. Among other leadership traits, Churchill was also a courageous and an Action leader because he put all theories into action and this quality made him an ever best leader.

Winston Churchill Contributions to Society

Churchill made various contributions to the community. For instance, he played a significant role in uniting the UK to fight and win all battles. Churchill believed in unity, and as a result, he was able to fight the WWII and the British and Mussolini war. He had the vision and loved his country, and as a result, he was able to make a significant effect on leading the British people towards the right direction. Notably, Churchill was aware of Hitler's supremacy in Europe, and he did not allow him to do so. If he could have allowed it, more devastating effects would occur in the UK. He also favored his country by making the US an ally something which helped the country. In general, Churchill played a significant role in making a good example to his people.

Reasons why Churchill is Admired

Churchill is admired because of various reasons. First, he is admired because of his loyalty and love for his country. He was a patriot, and as a result, he did numerous things to build Britain. He is also admired because he was standing up for all what he believed. For instance, he knew Hitler, and he did everything to defeat him. Churchill is also admired because of his perseverance. He endured many hard things, and that is why he become successful in his life. The other things which make him be admired are because he was adventurous, an Erudite, an artist, he had supreme confidence and he also believed in the truth mentioning a few.

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