A course critique

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I’ve been attending all of the lectures for this course for the whole semester. One of the things I learned is that most students do not take all classes. Some have skipped school for quite some time. The course was demanding in itself, though. In one case, we had to participate in a discussion on communication strategies in today’s world. Most students have not been able to participate in a dialogue or, rather, a debate. It thus resulted in a very bad conversation which was not of any benefit to the class members at all. This concern was also apparent in other classes and had a significant impact on the way the curriculum could be or the student’s interest in the course. The course ran smoothly throughout the semester and I think this was one of the best courses that I have attended so far.

The lecturer that we had was the best among the courses that I have attended. One quality that I liked about the lecturer was the dressing. It was classic and most of the time the clothing fit with how a lecturer should be. Other lecturers sometimes dress in an awkward manner. The lecturer taught the class with passion. One could hear every word and be attentive. Some of the other lecturers are boring and this makes it hard for one to concentrate in such a class. The lecturer presented himself to the class in a very professional way which made most of the students respect him. He also kept time at all times and rarely was late for class. The lecturer was enthusiastic towards the course and could notice that he really liked to t each this class.

One of the weaknesses of this course was the materials provided for the students. During the course in the semester, there we not any material provided for the class apart from a few handouts which the lecturer could have lectured about in class. The students had to most of the work in this course researching about some of the concepts they did not understand. The lecturer should next time develop materials that could help the students understand the course better. Having such materials can also make the class participate more. The organizational layout of the course was sometimes awkward with classes being schedule at moments which the students were mostly tired. It could be better if the classes would be scheduled when students are most active such as in the morning and after lunch.

The grading for the course was fair. I did not fail the assignments that were given by the lecturer. The lecturer was fair which game me motivation to work harder on the course so that my grade could improve further. In other, lecturers are unfair with their grading which instead of motivating the students; it discourages them to work hard on the course. Additionally, the lecturer used feedback in the papers. He wrote small comments on the bottom which further helped me to identify the areas that I need to work on. The discussions were very poor for this course. The students looked disinterested. I would request that instead of giving out a universal mark for the group members, the lecturer should ensure group work is done but the marks are given differently for the group participants such as the how an individual engages other students in the discussions. This will greatly improve the discussions in the different groups in this course.

The interaction between students in this course was very low. This is however a common trend among the students even in other courses. Most of the students prefer to stick to distinct groups or close friends. Nonetheless, there are a few students who engaged everyone in class. The lecturer can improve this by giving out many group assignments. After four to five assignments, most of the students could freely engage with one another. Additionally, the interaction between the lecturer and the students was very low. This seems to be a growing trend among students and lecturers. This can be improved by awarding marks at the end of the course for the students who interacted with the lecturer. It can be given as a bonus mark.

The turnaround for the assignments was long. Having such a long time for handing in assignments usually makes the students lazy in their work. The lecturer can improve this by making turnaround for the assignment short. The students can therefore be alert at all times. This will also help reduce the number of assignments a student has. It can be identified that most students wait until the last minute to work on the assignments. A short deadline will help avoid these scenarios. The lecturer gave the feedback to the class as whole during the course. The lecturer should always give feedback to individual students. This can help them rather than giving to the class as whole. The course however was better than most other courses.

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