Why Evidence-Based Practice is Vital

Evidence-based practice (EBP)

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an important component of a BSN-prepared RN's practice. EBP entails combining classroom theories with clinical knowledge and patient values. It enables the identification of research and its implementation in a hospital context in order to improve care quality and cost-effective nursing (Colorado Mesa University, 2016). EBP also increases the likelihood of treatment. This is based on research that provides information on various treatment alternatives; such information can aid in determining the possibility of good impacts on the nursing sector. Other benefits associated with EBP include reduced costs of healthcare and minimized medical complications since it implements a patient-centered philosophy.

Improving integration method of EBP

One way to improve the integration method of EBP is through undertaking an online RN to BSN programs. Such programs provide RNs with the opportunity to develop the EBP needed skills since individuals are able to evaluate qualitative and quantitative research from clinical evidence (American Sentinel University, 2017). An online program can present the opportunity of furthering the EBP principles to promote adoption (Colorado Mesa University, 2016). RNs must also continuously formulate questions that are linked to the existing nursing practice or outcome. This could involve asking a question like: What evidence is there to prove that this intervention is the best practice? Answering such questions ensures integration of EBP into practice.

Common challenges to implementing EBP

A common challenge to implementing EBP is the increased workload in which RNs are forced to focus on the increased number of patients to care for in their clinical rotations rather than using EBP. It also become challenging to access literature and inadequate critical appraisal skills; this prevents the implementation of EBP in nursing (American Sentinel University, 2017). Thus, it is important to consult learning and searching online databases that can provide quality guidelines and reviews for implementing EBP. It is also important that healthcare providers recruit enough nurses to give them enough time to include EBP in their practice.


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