What does nursing entail

What exactly is nursing?

One might wonder, what exactly is nursing? After much thinking and consideration, I have created this paper to demonstrate what nursing means to me and how I interpret it. One of Jacksonville University School of Nursing's major pillars Philosophy stems from one's values and beliefs, which are mine. As a nurse, my philosophy is to care for each patient and treat them as I would like to be treated.

The role of nursing in my life

Nursing has been an integral part of my life since I was a child. I have been brought up by my mother who was a nurse and the smile, and the happiness she shared with the patients made me want to fit into her shoes. My goal ever since has been to explore the field of nursing, having this urge to make a difference in people’s lives and having a direct impact on them. That’s the core aspect if the Nursing career. On average not many people think about the nursing career. In most cases, there is the stereotype thinking mindset which is conventional and more so outdated which in most cases are not true.

The importance of patient care in nursing

Patient’s care is something one would take it seriously into account as it’s the core of nursing. That concern and compassion that enhance the protection of patient dignity is a crucial aspect of care, which is inclusive of patients’ needs to be met, the environment surrounding them and also their families. A few people today understand what being a nurse is. It’s more than just putting on a white fabric and attending to people on the bed. So one may ask what is being a nurse to me (CLJ1988, 2008).

The demands and rewards of a nursing career

A nursing career is somehow a demanding profession. As a matter of fact, a nurse does more than they realize. As a nurse, you may not get much of a limelight as the surgeons or physicians but note that you are equally important as well in every bit. First and foremost it’s a job to me. It is something that I do for me to gain a living. The settings that I work on as a nurse is a patient care setting where I wholly perform my duties and at the end of the day here is a reward that I wait for. Nursing as a career gives a wide of opportunities as it entails a lot. For example, as a nurse one has to note and prevent some of the fatal errors that may occur, discover the lethal infections and prevent them, give a reassurance hand to their patient, convince their patients to embrace the psychiatric help when it's needed and many more. It gives me the privilege of showcasing out my nursing skills (Fuimano, 1996-2017). It’s a great job indeed. It provides an opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life and provide them with total care. I do things that will impact on their lives that they will forever remain to remember. As a nurse, I see people at the worst time, and it’s during this time that becomes intimate, frightening and most challenging moments in life. As a nurse, it’s my job to be there for that person (Enzyme, 2012).

The variety of opportunities and skill sets in nursing

Secondly, nursing is an opportunity that is God-given. It offers a variety of opportunities and skill sets. It gives the opportunity offering services to others and brings in a difference in their lives. The skills that one gathers during nursing are much invaluable when transferred to other careers. It’s one of a kind and cannot be gained anywhere even in schools. It prepares one for anything that comes to life. If you can handle the nursing career, then you can handle anything. On average, a patient spends almost his entire period with a nurse who cares for him/ her at the hospital as compared to how they interact with their physician. This happens because the nurses are the primary caregivers (Santiago, 2017).

The identity of a nurse

Thirdly, it’s a form of identity. Nursing has a deeper meaning than just being a bedside nurse. It defines you, talks more about who you are as a person. Working with other nurses have been much easier as we do share a common characteristic. As a nurse am dedicated, hardworking, compassionate, trustworthy, caring, ethical name them all. These are part of the identity, and they follow me all over I go as a nurse. As a nurse, we are critical thinkers, great observers and highly creative not forgetting problem-solvers. As a nurse, I get to determine the values that express in the job. I accept the responsibility that comes with caregiving. In healthcare, note that one tends to take things at a much personal level when performing their duties as a nurse. Avoid being involved in drams that occur in hospitals mostly (Immelstadt., 2013).

The qualities and skills required in nursing

Fourthly, you have to maintain your cool as a nurse. Not everyone wants to be in a hospital stings always. One will be dealing with individuals brought there by sickness hence it will be frustrating all through to interact with individuals, families present who will be taking out their frustration on you as a nurse. On the other hand as a nurse, you have to have the skills to assess the patient’s progress that is a collection of patient’s information and analyzing their physical well-being as well as their responses. Having the ability to make clinical judgments; identifying the symptoms and their reactions as well as the needs of the patient in ongoing treatment. One has to be able to provide a proper care plan and also have a way of implementing it for the well-being of the patient. And lastly be able to evaluate the care plans that have been given (Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities, 2017). This is inclusive of patient’s status being monitored and determining whether the care provided is sufficient to the patient.

Essential qualities for a nurse

All in all for one to become a nurse you have to possess all this as a complete package. That passion and zeal to help others have to be burning and keeping you on toes. Promoting the patients both emotional and psychological health has to be the basis of the day’s activities as planned. Being emphatic and able to communicate with the patients and in return, they feel they are cared for and valued. The physical condition of a nurse has to be healthy and of sound mind. There are long periods that one has to endure during working hours and their body should be able to sustain all these stressors. As a nurse, almost all your life will be interacting with patients thus one has to be a great speaker and a listener because they have to possess an extra intrapersonal skill that is exceptional. Therefore they get positive feedback and understanding from their patients who enable them to interact in harmony and unison. The organizational skillset of a nurse has to be imperative as they have to offer different skill sets for different patients when giving care. And biggest of them all is a stable emotional state that an individual possesses as a nurse. These will enable one to perform at 100% efficiency wherever there is an emergency, or affected by various stressors that this occupation drags along with. Nursing is a career that has both rewards, be it financially and intrinsically. There is an expectation of demand to be on the rise by about 22%. Over the years the concept of nursing has gradually evolved and developed. And as a nurse in the modern world, am expected to entail all the characteristics and skill set listed above. When looking at nursing as a field, it's hard for one to define what it is. Healing is part and parcel of me; it's my identity, it's who I am today. I express my values throughout my life as I interact with others.


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