Violence is an aspect embodied in the human race dating time antiquity

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Violence is a part of the human race that dates back to antiquity, and those who perpetrate it against their aims have the primary purpose of inflicting physical and psychological damage, as well as deprivation (Hauerwas and Copeland 2014, p. 3). The element of violence thus stands out as one of the most popular themes in the origin myths, where its drastic effects end in not only hate but also death. Indeed, brutality is the primary motivating force that contributes to the climax of the events that would later unfold in these origin stories (Gahlin 2009, P. 3). While addressing the two origin stories of the Two Brothers and their Grandmother as well as the Creation of the Universe and Japan to demystify the arguments therein, it is not only essential to outline why and how the theme of violence is important in these stories and how it connects them, but also critical to highlight the role it plays.

The story of the origin of The Two Brothers and Their Grandmother accounts for the evil that became, as was manifested in the violent character of the young brother. The young brother orchestrated on how he could implement his violent motifs, and he thus created animals that were capable of causing destruction (Hauerwas and Copeland 2014, P. 2). The violent character became evidenced because of the peculiar elements associated with him; one being that he was born through the armpit of his mother who died in the process, and two is that he hated his brother whose life was successful and prevailed in all he did. Consequently, his rage and hatred culminated into acts of violence, which would later paralyze his elder brother`s advancement. The theme of violence creates a platform upon which evil thrives in the story, considering that the story culminates by the young brother tormenting people because he could create none. Furthermore, violence is a mirror through which godliness and evil are candidly expressed, “Soon the two brothers got into a terrible fight about how each had changed the other’s half of the island, and in their battle, the older brother was killed” (Hauerwas and Copeland 2014, P. 4). The storyline through the theme of violence creates a demarcation between heaven and hell, whereby those in paradise enjoy life and live in happiness. On the contrary, in hell, evil forces exemplified by the younger brother lead to torment and destruction. Therefore, the question of why and how the theme of violence is used in this story helps in bringing out the other arguments, as well as establishing the literary elements of hyperbole, symbolism, juxtaposition, and argumentations to configure the adverse effects of violence in the society.

On the contrary, the story of The Creation of the Universe and Japan picks not only on a distinct but also a more fictitious literary establishment to bring out the key arguments of origin, while thriving on the theme of violence as well. When the god of fire is sired, the event results in the death of the mother, a show of bad omen and hence a foreshadowing of a destructive ending, as the husband is compelled to go to the underworld to once again claim the company of his deceased spouse (Gahlin 2009, P. 5). However, because of the misunderstanding between the wife and the husband, violence is incepted. They both take opposing dimensions to express their violence capabilities in the guest to winning the controversy, “I am prepared to kill every one of your subjects! I can strangle 1,000 each day”, says the wife, and “If you do so, I will see to it that 1,500 people are born each day!” replies the husband (Gahlin 2009, P. 4). Critically, the ill-willed motifs that culminate into violence between the two characters, the wife, and the husband; all lead to the demise of innocent people. This story of origin engages the theme of violence primarily in challenging the audience into recognizing and appreciating the adverse effects of not thriving on reason and rational while omitting principal to lead to violence and hence destruction, whose effects spill outside of ideal proportions.

The story of the two brothers and their grandmother thrives on the theme of violence to bring into focus a lot of critical content in the contemporary world. The origin story is educative because it challenges the human psychology as well as the emotional rationale when it comes to making choices while considering the impact of the aftermath. On the other hand, the theme of violence in the origin story of The Creation of the Universe and Japan challenges its audience to value reason and rationality in decision making, so as to avoid unnecessary harm in the society.


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